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Why White Kitchens Cabinets are Among Top Choices of Homeowners Renovating their Kitchens? Houzz conducted a survey in the US with more than 1,700 homeowners in 2018. All of them had been renovating their homes. Most of the people chose white cabinets and countertops for their kitchens. If you are planning for a kitchen renovation, then read the following ideas about white cabinets and make your space look great.

Highest quality white Shaker kitchen cabinets make your space look modern and elegant. The main reason why white has been the most preferred choice of interior designers, architects, and homeowners is that they add brightness and clean look to your home. Crisp designs and styles for white kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a streamline and peaceful look. White cabinetry is a timeless choice for elegant and beautiful looking kitchens.

Being versatile in nature, white cabinetry can blend well with a wide range of countertops and furniture. Bright and cheery white cabinets can complement any kitchen. Inject a little color with a few accessories that can serve as the perfect match for your kitchen. No matter what type of kitchen you may have, white cabinetry suits every space.

Shaker style cabinets

White kitchen cabinets add timeless appeal and elegance to your home. Shaker-style cabinets can be mixed with open shelves to offer a lot of space for storing the utilities. Buy white kitchen cabinets for your kitchen for mesmerizing beauty.

Vintage style white kitchen cabinets

Vintage white kitchens look pleasing and appealing. If you want to remodel your kitchen into a stylish space, vintage style white cabinets can be the right pick. You can add a dash to your kitchen by choosing some colored furniture to make the area look classy. You can experiment with new colors for furniture and use grey granite countertops to make it look appealing.

Antique white cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets look gorgeous for any setup. Cabinets can be blended together with dark handles and stunning designs of the door. Adding a black kitchen island or shiny wood flooring can also be a good idea.

Off-white look

If you love off-white color scheme, you can look for classic and clean designs of kitchen cabinets. Black granite with white kitchen cabinetry makes the kitchen look pretty. Homeowners can also choose stainless steel appliances with off-white cabinetry.  

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Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

Though white cabinetry looks the best, it may not be an easy task to maintain cleanliness. Every homeowner dreams of a spotless kitchen. Keeping your white kitchen cabinets tidy all the time may be challenging as white materials tend to get dirty.


White adds a sense of neutrality and simplicity to your home. Due to its versatility, white is easy to update and upgrade as per the homeowners’ requirements and preference. What’s more, you can add pops of color to your kitchen as white can look great with any other color. Matching or contrasting colors can be used.


The only negative aspect of white cabinetry is that it needs high maintenance. Too much white can give your space a clinical or boring look and feel. In order to avoid this, you can think of adding a splash of color to space. White kitchen cabinetry requires constant cleaning and maintenance to restore the original look and feel. It’s easier to see the scratches, and worn out corners with white cabinets. Spills need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

How to Keep Restore the look and feel of White Cabinets

No doubt that white kitchen cabinets look light for any home, but homeowners may need to spend a lot of time and efforts to keep them pristine. Direct sunlight exposure can make the white kitchen cabinets turn yellow. Consider investing in blinds and draperies.

When you start cooking those mouth-watering dishes in your kitchen, some ingredients such as oil, grease, or spices may land somewhere on cabinets making them dirty. Cabinets can turn yellow. It is important to wash your kitchen cabinets with a diluted vinegar solution mixed with baking soda. Give your white cabinets a “monthly wash” to restore their look and feel.

If you prefer to clean cabinets daily or weekly, wipe off the surface with a damp cloth. Cleaning the cabinets with dishwashing detergent on a regular basis ensures that it will be clean and tidy all the time.

Design a Traditional kitchen with White Cabinets

Some of the people love the traditional looking kitchen, but it may seem to be outdated in today’s times. Well, there are several options that can help you transform your white kitchen into a beautiful looking space. Make sure that your traditional kitchen has a minimalistic design and looks simple yet elegant. Choose decorative crystal chandeliers to complement the white cabinet doors in your kitchen.

The Best White Kitchen Cabinets to Brighten Up Your Cooking Space


 Avalon kitchen 


Wrapping Up

There are many colors for cabinets, but white is a universal color that goes with every décor. Mixing colors with neutral white may not be a difficult task. Every homeowner loves natural light. Unique designed wooden white kitchen cabinet can brighten the space as it reflects natural light. It creates a sense of spaciousness as well as cleanliness.

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