Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide 2019

Kitchen cabinets is not just about storage. It is an essential element for improving your kitchen’s style when you consider a kitchen remodeling. Today, streamlined look and feel of kitchens is important. Homeowners should focus on simplicity and minimalism while buying kitchen cabinets in 2019. While searching over the internet, you may come across many wild and bold options for cabinetry. Some homeowners prefer unique customized styles that are designed exactly as per their choice and preference. We’ve summed up top tips that will help you choose the best kitchen cabinetry design in 2019.

Kitchen cabinets are the crown jewel that can add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Cabinet designs have been evolving since the last few years along with other elements such as countertops and flooring.

Online shopping tips for buying kitchen cabinetry online

Type and Style

Once you’ve made up your mind to buy kitchen cabinets, look for the standard shapes, sizes, finishes, and configurations of the cabinets. You can opt for framed or frameless styles for your kitchen. Customized ones allow you more flexibility when renovating your kitchen. Such cabinets are handcrafted exactly as per your requirements to match your existing lifestyle and storage requirements. Make your kitchen look awesome and fabulous with traditional and contemporary designs of cabinets.


The material of kitchen cabinets plays an important role too. You can consider different types of metals, wood, laminate, or thermo foil for the cabinet doors. After selecting the material, you can choose a finish according to your existing décor and color preference. Custom as well as semi-custom kitchen cabinets can be painted, stained, or glazed as per your choice.

Quality Considerations

No matter what your budget may be, look for kitchen cabinets that last longer and offer great convenience. Well-constructed kitchen cabinets with solid-wood frames and doors can be a good option. Look for cabinets that have built-in organizers, adjustable shelves, trays or pullout racks to make your kitchen more efficient. Your life would be easier when you invest in the right type of products for your kitchen.


There are various types of cabinets: Stock, custom, semi-custom, and RTA cabinets. Stock cabinets are pre-assembled units that just require installation. They are available in different styles and colors. Semi-custom cabinets are the ones that offer a wide range of style options and configurations. Custom cabinets are an expensive affair, but you can get the cabinet exactly as per your requirements. Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets are DIY units that are cost-effective and budget-friendly option. One should choose the products matching the exact budget.


You would need a cabinet that includes a pullout rack and multiple storage options. Determine your storage needs and look for kitchen cabinets that have sufficient space. Select cabinets that have drawers and racks that offer an easy access to all the items you store in the cabinets. If you aren’t sure of what features you may require, discuss your requirements with an expert professional to get advice.


Well-built cabinets have a solid wooden surface with extension drawers. You may choose solid wood over particleboard as they are a sturdier option. Choose wooden or plywood frames and panels instead of medium density fiberboard (MDF) ones if you are looking for kitchen cabinets that last longer.


Check out the shipping and delivery options while buying kitchen cabinets. The actual price of products would be the product cost plus shipping charges. You need to be aware of the shipping costs as sometimes they can be higher than the cost of cabinet itself. Do not be fooled by online stores or dealers that advertise low prices and add up the shipping costs at the time of payment. Some stores offer free shipping over a certain amount of orders. You should always know the shipping cost of cabinets while purchasing them online.

Discounts / Promotional offer

It can be a good idea to search the internet for discounts and special promotions online to save some money while buying kitchen accessories online. Many stores offer huge discounts and promotional offers from time to time. You should keep an eye on such discounts to be able to get the best products delivered at your doorstep at cost effective prices.

Support and assistance

You may need support and assistance for assembly of the cabinets after they are delivered to you. Some homeowners may need to contact the professionals for assisting them pick the best products and furniture for their kitchen.


There are some online stores that offer samples for materials of kitchen cabinets. Some websites charge a small amount of fee for samples while some others offer for free. You can check the terms and conditions and order samples before ordering so that you can get an idea about the material or color of the cabinets.

Online Shopping tips - what online kitchen cabinet stores have for you

Online stores offer a wide range of options to choose from. It is advisable to have a look at all the options and make the right decisions. Depending on your needs and preference, you can choose pre-assembled Cabinets or RTA cabinets.

RTA Cabinets: Things You Should Know

Homeowners and contractors who want to save time and money on their kitchen remodeling project can opt for RTA cabinets that are shipped flat-packed. They are easy to assemble and install it yourself. They are considered to be a cost-effective option when considering kitchen renovation. RTA kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution for someone who needs a mid-range kitchen cabinet solution. These low-cost cabinets are the right pick for people looking for cheap kitchen cabinets.

Choosing Best RTA Kitchen Cabinets: What You Should Look for

Selecting the best company for RTA kitchen cabinets may not be an easy task as there are many providers worldwide. Make sure that you do your research by checking the designs and styles at some of the leading online stores before purchasing these cabinets. Look for high-quality designs at affordable costs. Always check the shipping charges, return policies, and other terms and conditions of the stores while buying RTA cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets for Every Budget

Budget Cabinets

These are called stock cabinets that are off-the-shelf cabinets that are inexpensive options to renovate your kitchen. Buying pre-assembled or semi-assembled stock cabinets can help you save a lot of time and money when considering a kitchen remodel. As you do not have to wait for them to be built, you can save time. You do not need to pay for customizations and so, you’ll be able to save your money too.

Pros: They help to save time and money. It can be the perfect choice for people who aren’t too picky about the design and style of cabinets. Some brands offer good solid-wood drawers and other extraordinary features also.

Cons: Some manufacturers provide cabinets made of thinly veneered particleboard instead of high-quality plywood. Some designs of stock cabinets have limited options for style and accessories. Stock cabinets are only 36 inches tall mostly. If you need taller ones, you will have to opt for semi-custom cabinets.

Mid-level cabinets

These are semi-custom models of cabinets that use face-frame construction. In such cabinets, solid-wood frame is visible around the door and drawers.

Pros: Mid-level models are made-to-order and so, customers can get the right size, material, finish, and style. One can add custom accessories too.

Cons: Features and quality needs to be the best and hence, it is essential to buy such products from reliable manufacturers to get high-quality cabinets at affordable prices.

Premium Cabinets

These are made-to-order cabinets that can be designed exactly as the customer needs them. They are designed from the scratch. If you are looking for a high-end kitchen renovation, you can opt for premium cabinets that can be built as per your specifications, size, finish, configurations, and style.

Pros: They are usually built with plywood or other premium materials. High quality hardware is used to build such cabinets. The width and height of cabinet can be customized to suit your requirements.

Cons: These may cost a lot of money as compared to ready-made units.

Cost Factors for RTA Kitchen Cabinets

There are several factors that determine the cost of RTA cabinets. You should take the measurements of the space and think of the size ofthe cabinets you require. Once you have an idea about the size of cabinet, you can send us your requirements so that we can provide a cost estimate. Some of the factors that determine the cost of RTA kitchen cabinets are:

  • Materials used
  • Size and type of cabinets
  • Labor tasks
  • Hardware
  • Finish
  • Wall framing
  • Plumbing required
  • Mounting and adjustment

Investing in the right Ready to assemble cabinets can help you get stress-free for years together. Talk to our expert professionals to get the best advice on choosing beautiful and highly functional designs for cabinets.

Why consider Kitchen Cabinets for your home

The right cabinetry can make or break your kitchen’s style and functionality. Following are the reasons why you may consider a kitchen cabinet:

Revitalizing your old Cabinets

If you aren’t happy with your existing cabinets, you can think of buying new ones – not to mention that stay within your budget. Maybe, you don’t have enough space or have poorly allocated space in your kitchen. That’s the time when you can purchase cabinets matching your style preference.

New house or apartment

Are you shifting to your new apartment? Do you want to design your kitchen in your new home? Investing in kitchen cabinets can be a good idea to add storage and functionality to your kitchen.


When you consider kitchen renovations, installing cabinets can be a great idea. You can add uniqueness and beauty to your space by investing in the right cabinets. Watch our YouTube videos here, Step-to-step we are explaining how you can easily install cabinets for your dream kitchen.

Where to buy kitchen cabinets

There are thousands of kitchen cabinet manufacturers in every state. Have a look at their catalogs and make the right decision. Think of the functionality as well as design while selecting cabinets. Compare the designs and styles of cabinets and pick the right ones matching your requirements and budget.

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