Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets

Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets help the homeowners save a lot of money and time on kitchen remodeling. If you want to install cheap kitchen cabinets, then ready to assemble Sterling kitchen cabinets can be a good idea. Such cabinets are delivered in a flat pack along with all the hardware required for the assembly. You can DIY kitchen cabinets installation and make your space look elegant and beautiful. Such cabinets are considered to be a cost effective option.

Before you shop for modern wall cabinets, you should make sure that you invest in the best products that help you get the maximum value for the money you spend.

What are RTA cabinets?

The term “ready to assemble” explains itself. All the parts of RTA cabinets are cut to the perfect size, possess holes, and have all the finishes that you request for. Once the boxes are delivered at your doorstep, you can stack and fix them. Assembling and installing the cabinets can be done on your own. Read the instructions and assemble the RTA cabinets to make your kitchen look great. The instruction manual contains drawings, steps with explanations, and diagrams to make the users understand how to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets. If you have spent some time and efforts to assemble the kitchen cabinets but failed to finish on assembling process then you may have to watch our YouTube videos that will let you know kitchen cabinetry assembly tips, tricks, and steps.

Where to buy RTA cabinets?

You can purchase RTA kitchen cabinets online or at local retail stores. It is advisable to look for good quality cabinets online as you get a broader selection. Online stores have a huge collection of cabinets that offer great utility.

Get good quality RTA Cabinets

Just like pre-assembled cabinets, RTA kitchen cabinets are strong and attractive. Make sure that you do not make the mistake of purchasing inferior quality cabinets. Avoid buying stapled particleboard cabinets as they aren’t strong and sturdy. Look for doors that have a solid wooden frame. Check the finishes and coating of the plywood. Read the reviews online and make the right decision of purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets.

Cost of RTA cabinets

You’d be able to save a lot of money with RTA cabinets online. When compared to custom or assembled cabinets, RTA kitchen cabinets are cheaper. There are two ways in which you would be able to save money – First, they come to you disassembled and the shipping costs will be lower as they take up lesser room. You can also save on labor charges as RTA cabinets can be assembled on your own.

The cost of such cabinets depends on various factors such as materials, finish, complexity, and quality. If you have a tight budget for buying kitchen cabinets, you can opt for white melamine-coated cabinet drawers and boxes, or paint-grade doors that you can paint on your own. Homeowners with a huge budget for kitchen remodeling can choose hardwood frames, veneered plywood, or solid wood doors.

Get price quotes from a few good kitchen cabinet distributors and compare them. Send your requirements to three to four suppliers and get suggestions from them before making the decision of purchasing kitchen cabinets. Always check the delivery and shipping charges while buying the cabinets.

Assembling RTA cabinets

Ready to assemble cabinets have become a popular part of our homes as they are easy to put together. All you need is glue, wood, screws, and dowels to assemble the cabinets. The only tool you may require is a screwdriver.

Make sure that you do some research before investing in kitchen cabinets. Nuform Cabinetry provides custom kitchen cabinets as per the clients’ exact requirements and choice.