Think about Shaker Cabinets while Kitchen Remodeling

A lot of furniture and accessories are used in a kitchen. Whether you want to install new kitchen cabinets or planning to change the existing cabinetry, you can have a look at all the options available, and make the right choice. The good news is that there are several different types of kitchen cabinets available in the market. Shaker style cabinets, louvered, wall cabinets, base cabinets, tall cabinets, inset, thermofoil, glass, melamine, and custom made cabinets are some of the popular styles that are widely used across the USA.

What are shaker style kitchen cabinets?

Many of the current home décor styles find their roots hundreds or thousands of years ago. Being founded in the late 1700s, the shaker kitchen style is a popular type among homeowners and builders nowadays. Shaker style kitchen cabinets are characterized by a square frame and panel profile. They make your kitchen get country style look. They provide a well-organized and uncluttered approach to your kitchen. Shaker kitchen style cabinets make your space look sleek and stylish. As they are durable and simplistic, they find place in the hearts of several homeowners, builders, real estate agents, interior designers, and professionals.

They generally have five piece designs for a sleek modern home look. Shaker style cabinets are characterized by use of minimum materials, and moderate proportions, straight lines, and square edges. Framed as well as frameless styles of shaker cabinets are available in the market.

Why do Americans prefer shaker cabinets?

"Kitchen cabinet demand in the United States is projected to grow 5.9% per year to $17.1 billion in 2021, according to the 10th edition of the Cabinets Market in the U.S."

The simple and clean lines of shaker cabinets make such styles a preferred choice of most Americans despite of their traditional origin. Americans prefer simple and framed cabinetry with classic and traditional look and feel. They are built on no-frills design and add ultra-sleekness to your kitchen.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets in USA are considered to be more affordable as compared to traditional wood styles. Hence, cost savings is a major reason why homeowners and interior designers choose shaker cabinets for kitchens. Some Americans prefer imported woods such as rosewood and mahogany. Most of the pieces are painted or stained with popular tones of blues, greens, blacks, reds, and yellows.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

Shaker style kitchen cabinets come in different styles, colors, and designs. You can choose colors from brown, ivory, coffee, blues, or white. Wooden grain textures are the most common trend that never goes out of style. Mostly, maple or cherry tree wood is used for manufacturing such shaker kitchen cabinets. White and cream can be a good color combination for adding authenticity and simplicity to your kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to paint the shaker cabinets to get the desired look.

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Shaker cabinet design ideas for 2019

Popular styles of kitchen cabinets include rail frames. They are constructed with high quality wood and no-frills designs. Trending materials for shaker cabinets are oak, maple, and cherry these days. Slab-front door can be a good choice with smaller drawers for almost every home. One should avoid knife-sharp edges for the shaker cabinets to avoid denting.

Coffee brown kitchen cabinets can make a style statement in your home. A variety of wood laminates may be used for making the cabinets last longer. You can keep the light fittings, tiles, wall paints, and other accessories simple to complement traditional kitchens. Opt for an easy-to-clean design that helps you save a lot of time and efforts. It can be a good idea to complement such cabinet styles with plain ceramic materials to add a beautiful look and feel to the space.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are a popular style these days. As they can complement traditional, contemporary, and transitional kitchen designs, they are a preferred choice of most homeowners who need a classy and clean look for their kitchen. They are simple yet classic options for unique kitchen design ideas. Dove white shaker RTA cabinets can be a good option for modern kitchens. They look great with white or light granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. It is important to look for wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets suppliers to help you enhance the style of your home.

What value do homeowners, interior designers, builders get?

Design enthusiasts appreciate shaker style cabinets as it offers an uncluttered appearance. Interior designers and renovators try to build the dream kitchen for the homeowners. If you are a builder or interior designer, we have a wide range of kitchen cabinets to choose from. We have artistic designs of cabinets at affordable prices for contractors, builders, validators, and interior designers. If your client needs specific type of cabinets, we can provide custom-built cabinets matching their exact requirements. We provide free 3D kitchen design. You can visit for more information. Just measure your available space, and our experts would get in touch with you.

As we have unique designs of kitchen cabinets, we are a trusted choice of several homeowners, builders, interior designers, renovators across the USA. Get the highest quality cabinetry from us. We are known for exceptional customer service and quickest delivery times. You can satisfy all your clients’ requirements, and make your business grow by supplying the best kitchen cabinets. 

If you have a small kitchen, invest in sliding cabinet doors to create a compact look inside your kitchen. Retro style kitchens are a hot trend nowadays. Heritage cabinets with minimum accessories work the best for smaller, compact kitchens. Glass-fronted door cabinets may be used with traditional cabinets to wow the onlookers. Frosted or even colored glass can make your space look awesome.

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What to look for in shaker kitchen cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are usually made from wood. Less is more when it comes to shaker cabinets for kitchen. Simple yet strong wood like chestnut, walnut, maple, and birch is used for manufacturing durable shaker style cabinets for kitchens. Choose earthy tones, clay colors, or beige colors for the cabinets for a versatile look and style for your kitchen. You can also add a hint of blue or red to make the décor stand out.

One can choose antique drawers for shaker cabinets. Selecting simple eclectic door handles provides a traditional look to your space. Even brass or stainless steel handles are also preferred by some homeowners and renovators. You can think of combining one or two different colors for attractive looking cabinets.


Top 20 benefits of shaker style kitchen cabinets:

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1.  Shaker cabinets add timeless style

The sleek and uncluttered design of solid wood shaker cabinets adds a timeless appeal to your property. They make your kitchen look new all the time.

2.  They are meant for vintage and modern design

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are a preferred choice of many homeowners, contractors, and dealers as they make the space look elegant, traditional or modern and classy. As they are versatile, most of people love such solid wood shaker cabinets.

3.  Cost-effective cabinetry solutions

RTA kitchen cabinets are considered to be a cost-effective option for homeowners. Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets do not dig a hole in your pocket. You need to find a reliable and trusted RTA shaker style kitchen cabinet supplier to help you get affordable products.

4.  Easy to clean and maintain

In today’s fast-paced world, people do not have time and so, they look for easy solutions for kitchen cabinets. Shaker style cabinets are easy to clean. Look for installing shaker style kitchen doors and drawers made from wood laminate so that you won’t have to spend time and efforts for cleaning them.

5.  Simple design results in a more simple life

The sleek design of kitchen cabinets makes your life easier. Easy to wipe surfaces of such kitchen cabinets help you save time and efforts while cleaning them.

6.  Uncluttered and clean look and feel

Uncomplicated designs of shaker kitchen cabinets offer a clean and uncluttered appeal to your home. You can choose the best wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets for getting the right storage option to make your kitchen look neat all the time.

7.  Linear designs

The linear designs of solid wood shaker kitchen cabinets make your kitchen look elegant and classy. The functional look fits in most of the kitchen styles. You can choose light colored cabinets to create a sense of space if you have small kitchen.

8.  Shaker kitchen cabinets are classic

Shaker kitchen cabinets look modern and classic. Once you install the best cabinets, you would not have to look back for years together.

9.  Wood looks trendy

Usually, shaker style cabinets are made from wood or MDF or particleboard. Wood is a durable material that can add warmth and texture to your space. Stained wood can be a good option for shaker kitchen cabinets.

10.  White cabinets can be a good option

White shaker cabinets are a popular option for most homes. It offers a relaxing and peaceful appearance to your kitchen. White cabinets can be paired with any type of accessories.

11.  Shaker cabinets may look-alike different materials

Homeowners can paint the cabinets or stain them with different colors to make them look like metal or offer a rustic appearance. They can be matched with other interesting hardware or plumbing fixtures to provide a versatile look.

12.  Simple cabinetry matches the modern appliances

Are you worried about your new cabinets to match or blend with the existing kitchen appliances or hardware? Well, shaker style kitchen cabinets can be a good match with all the different types of modern appliances made of stainless steel or other wooden fixtures in the kitchen. Even colorful modern appliances look great with such cabinetry.

13.  Match the cabinet colors with countertops or backsplashes  

If you want to install matching or contrasting cabinets according to the existing countertops or backsplashes, you can talk to professionals. Most of the wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets distributors have a team of professionals to guide you when buying cabinetry. Seek professional guidance and make the right decision for your kitchen.

14.  Shaker cabinets work well with open shelving

If you want to display your elegant and expensive crockery or dinnerware, you can opt for open shelving kitchen cabinets. This not only makes your space look bigger but also well decorated.

15.  Shaker kitchen cabinets contrasting colors

You can choose contrasting colors and materials to match the existing décor of your kitchen. Find the right materials to balance the look of your property. There are tons of unique styles available in the market. You can compare the features and make the right choice.

16.  Add length to your kitchen with tall shaker kitchen cabinets

"Tall cabinets are rising in popularity due to their additional storage and they can make smaller kitchens appear larger."

A newer trend of cabinets is vertical shaker style kitchen cabinets. You can choose to install RTA Tall shaker cabinets at your kitchen to add a sense of length to the space. Take full advantage of the space available at the walls vertically, and install the best cabinets.

17.  Simple cabinets can be paired with fancy accessories

Most of the homeowners pay very little attention to the handle of the cabinets. There are endless choices for the handles available in the market. You can choose glossy materials like silver, brass, or chrome to make the cabinets look fancy. One can also select dark colored handles of cabinets and drawers to make the kitchen look unique.

18.  Simple cabinets paired with leather handles

It can be a good idea to choose leather handles for your shaker kitchen cabinets. Leather handles are a popular trend for cabinet handles these days. If you don’t prefer leather handles, you can opt for wooden material.

19.  Let’s talk about wood handles

Wood handles are a versatile option for shaker kitchen cabinets. Black, white, or dark coffee colored handles can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

20.  Ready to assemble (RTA) shaker kitchen cabinets

RTA shaker kitchen cabinets can help you get cost-effective cabinetry solutions and get the best products without breaking your bank. You can DIY assembly and save a lot of money with RTA kitchen cabinets

If you have spend some time and efforts to assemble the kitchen cabinets but failed to finish on assembling process then you may have to watch our YouTube videos that will let you know kitchen cabinetry assembly tips, tricks, and steps.

Affordable Remodeling of kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Do you want to add some extra storage space to your kitchen? Cost is important when it comes to choosing kitchen accessories. Homeowners can select shaker kitchen cabinets for adding an elegant look and feel to your home, without breaking their bank. Shaker cabinets provide a cost-effective option for kitchen remodeling. You can save thousands of dollars by investing in the best kitchen cabinets. As such cabinets do not require any maintenance; you can save money and efforts too.

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