A kitchen remodel can often cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The most expensive part of a remodel is typically the cabinets.

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen? Do you need to find kitchen cabinets that transform a room without breaking the bank?

DIY kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution. Read on to learn more about RTA cabinets and why incorporating them into your kitchen remodel can save you money without compromising on style.

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA stands for "ready to assemble." They're real cabinets, just like ones you would see in your local home supplier, but they come shipped to you in a flat pack and require you to assemble them when they arrive.

They're easy to order online; you can even get a sample sent to your house to confirm that they're exactly what you're looking for before you order what you need.

You can order them framed or frameless and opt for a custom option if you're looking for something specific to complete your space.

Advantages of RTA Cabinets

If finding cheap RTA cabinets seems too good to be true, continue reading to learn some of the advantages that RTA cabinets provide you with. From the price to the assembly, these cabinets have many distinct advantages.


As mentioned before, kitchen cabinets are the most expensive part of a remodel. RTA cabinets will give you the same quality and feel as other options but without the high price tag. 

This can leave room in the budget to focus on other areas of the room or your home.

More Flexibility

When you order from a local store, you're limited to their specific selection and often have to deal with delays as the items are typically shipped to the store before they come to you.

RTA cabinets will come right to you, and you will have many more options to choose from. Instead of going with a cabinet that tons of other people have in their kitchens, consider designing yours yourself. 

You can combine colors, pick out unique handles, and customize things to fit the storage options that you personally need.

Easy to Assemble

RTA cabinets are designed to be easy to put together. There's no need for fancy tools, prior knowledge, or the use of complex techniques. 

All you need to do is follow a simple set of instructions from the manufacturer. This is another bonus, because you won't need to pay someone to install the cabinets on top of paying for the cabinets themselves. So you save money all around.

Important Things to Know

When you're looking into RTA cabinets online, you might come across inaccurate information about them. Here are some important things that you should keep note of.

RTA Cabinets Are Made With Natural Wood

Some places claim that they are made with a weaker material like low-quality plywood. This isn't the case. They are made with natural hardwood and furniture-grade plywood to create stunning cabinets that last the test of time.

They’re as Strong as Any Other Wood Cabinet

You won't be limited when it comes to your countertop options due to weight issues. Like any other kitchen cabinet, they can handle heavy weight.

If you're particularly concerned about this issue, talk to the manufacturer. They might be able to install something that provides additional support and stability.

You Don’t Have to Install Them Yourself

One of the biggest benefits of RTA wood cabinets is the ability to install them quickly yourself without much hassle, but not everyone wants to do so. If you would rather have someone else take care of the installation, you can choose to pay a professional to take care of that for you.

Choose a Reputable Manufacturer

As with ordering anything online, you need to be conscious of where you're ordering from. Be sure to order from a well-established and professional website with quality information about what the products are made of and what exactly you will be getting.

Choosing Your Cabinets

Once you've decided to go with RTA cabinets, there are more decisions that you need to make to narrow down your options. You need to think about things like color, dimensions, storage, etc.


The color of your cabinets sets the tone for the feel of your entire kitchen. Here are some solid color options to consider that should work well within any space:

  • Bright white
  • Navy blue
  • Matte black
  • Charcoal gray
  • Two-toned 

Pick a color that's neutral enough to match the other elements of your room, but remember that you can always repaint them in the future if you want to change the feel of the room.


Knobs or handles aren't just for looks. They help protect your cabinets as well. Be sure to choose sturdy, good-quality handles and knobs that match the style you're going with.

This is a great area to really make your cabinets pop by choosing wisely.


Be careful when you're measuring, and make sure that you consider pipes, outlets, and any other electrical wiring or plumbing.

Map out your cabinetry before you purchase anything, and think about how many cabinets you need to store all of your items properly.

Create the Perfect Kitchen with DIY Kitchen Cabinets

This article highlighted what RTA cabinets are, why they're a good option for any kitchen, and things to consider throughout your shopping process. If you keep the tips mentioned in mind, you're sure to end up with cabinets that perfectly fit your space and will accentuate your kitchen for years to come!

If you would like more information about our cabinets or need help starting the process, please don't hesitate to contact us today.