Nowadays full kitchen remodels can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. It's no secret that kitchen remodeling has become big business and contractors know exactly what to charge, regardless of your budget.

But there's a simple alternative to a full kitchen remodel that offers almost the same impact. Replacing your cabinetry can do wonders for a tired, dull, or outdated kitchen. And it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg when you choose modern RTA cabinets.

But how do RTA cabinets work and are they really a great alternative to custom-designed, professionally installed cabinets? Find out in this blog.

What Exactly Are RTA Cabinets, Anyway?

The acronym RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. This means that these cabinets are flat-pack cabinets that you assemble yourself. They're sold with pre-cut parts, sizing, and drilled holes. They also include the cabinetry finish and color that you've requested when you place your order.

The cabinet parts are stacked, wrapped, and either shipped to your home, or you can shop for them in-store and take them home. However, shopping for RTA cabinets online is more popular than ever and far convenient for many homeowners.

Once you receive your cabinets, you'll have to assemble and install them on your own. The manufacturer provides you with detailed instructions on how to do so. This usually includes detailed drawings, written instructions, or sometimes an online video tutorial.

We get it, this sounds like a lot of work, especially if you're not the handy type. However, there are a number of benefits to RTA cabinets that you might want to consider, first:

1. You Have Greater Flexibility

RTA cabinets are not the same as pre-made, stock cabinets. This is because you have a far greater choice when it comes to cabinet configurations, styles, colors, and materials. You can order them in a specific configuration that suits your kitchen layout and your preferred style, too.

Although they're not as customized as custom cabinetry installation, they're still a flexible kitchen cabinetry option. A good way to think about RTA cabinets is like Lego. Essentially, you have the opportunity to choose each individual component of cabinetry to ensure it's as customized as you need to suit your kitchen.

Once you receive your cabinets, you can assemble and install them as you prefer. All in all, this gives you far more freedom and flexibility when you compare them to pre-made stock cabinets.

2.They Are Far More Affordable

As mentioned earlier, custom cabinetry is expensive. Sure, they might look amazing, but you could pay almost double the amount for custom cabinets when RTA cabinets offer almost the same look and feel.

Custom cabinetry uses high-quality materials and involves a customized design process. This means that you could wait a good amount of time before you even get to see and approve your cabinet designs, let alone receive the cabinets themselves.

To put it into perspective -- custom cabinets range in price from $500-$1,200 per linear foot. If you have a fairly large kitchen, this cost could really add up. Whereas RTA cabinets tend to range in price from $175-$400 per linear foot.

The cost savings of RTA cabinets speak for themselves. With the money you save by choosing RTA cabinets, you might even have some money leftover in your budget for countertop upgrades or new appliances!

3.Timely Delivery and Turnaround Time

Unlike custom cabinetry, you won't spend weeks on end waiting for your kitchen cabinet design approval and installation. One of the best things about choosing RTA cabinets is that you can receive them in a decent timeframe and get started on your kitchen makeover.

Most of the time, the materials for your cabinetry are readily available and in stock, so you can rest assured that you'll receive your cabinets in 1-2 weeks, maximum. It could be even quicker depending on the type of shipping you choose, or if you purchase your cabinets in-store.

4.You Don't Need To Be a Professional to Assemble RTA Cabinets

For most homeowners, the worry might lie in assembling and installing your cabinets correctly. After all, this makes a huge difference to how they actually look in your kitchen. It's also the key difference between what looks like a professional job vs. a DIY job.

If you're handy and have DIY experience, assembling and installing RTA cabinets is fairly easy. You don't need any fancy or high-tech tools -- it's as simple as a hammer, nails, wood glue, and a screwdriver. In fact, most people liken RTA cabinet assembly to that of an IKEA dresser.

However, even if you choose to hire a professional for the cabinet installation, you're still saving money. You can enjoy the lower cost of purchasing RTA cabinets and doing the assembly yourself. And if you prefer to hire a professional for the installation, you're still not breaking the bank by doing so!

5.You Can Rely on Top-Quality Materials

So, we've gone over how pricey custom cabinetry can be. But it's worth mentioning that you always get what you pay for in life -- and when it comes to pre-made cabinets, you can't always count on the quality. Sure, you might not pay as much, but pre-made cabinets just don't have the same shelf-life as RTA cabinets.

This is something to consider when choosing which route to go with your cabinetry. RTA cabinets offer a sort of middle-ground in terms of price. And that includes paying for higher quality materials that will last.

Most of the time, RTA cabinets include hardwood framing, drawer fronts, and doors. They might use plywood to finish off the inside of the cabinet. Unlike pre-made cabinets which only use particleboard and thin wood veneer.

Some RTA cabinetry options allow you to choose which type of material you'd like, too. So if you want to opt for full hardwood cabinets, you can!

Shop for Modern RTA Cabinets Right Here

If you've been dreaming about that kitchen overhaul for some time now but don't quite have the budget for an entire remodel, replacing your cabinets is the next best thing.

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