With Americans spending over $8,000 on home improvement costs in 2022, it's clear that updated houses are in demand. But knowing where to start with a kitchen remodel can be one of the hardest parts of the decision-making process. After all, you want to get the most value for your money and choose a cabinet style that will endure over time.

When you're searching for the perfect kitchen cabinets, it helps to have a few tips in mind. Stick around to learn how to choose the right wholesale kitchen cabinets!

Determine Your Style and Layout Needs

To remodel your kitchen the right way, you need to decide what your goal is. Are you hoping for a sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist cabinets? Or do you prefer a classic Shaker style with rubbed bronze handles and painted wood?

Consider the overarching style that will define your kitchen, as well as any unique space considerations. For instance, you may have the space to pursue a new layout. Or perhaps you're low on space and hoping to find creative ways to maximize your storage.

As you peruse options online or in-person, look at natural wood cabinets to create a sense of warmth. The combination of a light stain and woodgrain patterns can add character to your space. And it can provide contrast against a darker countertop or tile floor.

Alternatively, you may prefer cabinets with flat, unadorned fronts. Or maybe you want a distressed style with vintage-style drawer pulls.

Be sure to look for kitchen cabinet wholesalers who offer a variety of stylistic options. Pay attention to measurement requirements in your space, too, so you can purchase cabinets that are the right size. And look for sellers who can provide you with a 3D mockup or offer design help.

Be Clear on Your Budget

Before purchasing cabinets, know your spending limits. While it's tempting to ignore this step, it's critical not to ignore it. Setting a budget for new cabinets will ensure that you have enough money to cover other renovation needs.

After all, you may be investing in new flooring, backsplash tiles, or other cosmetic updates. You'll want to know your overall budget first before deciding how much you can afford to spend on cabinets.

Be aware that you may need to spend as much as half of your overall budget on cabinets. In other words, you could be spending just $2,000 on wholesale cabinets or as much as $20,000 or more.

Don't assume that you'll miss out on quality if you choose cheaper cabinets, either. Buying wholesale simply means that you may need to do some of the assembling yourself. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets can offer significant cost savings since you'll take on some of the work to arrive at a completed cabinet.

Evaluate the Materials and Company

Before committing to new cabinets, research the pluses and minuses of different materials. If you're a longterm homeowner without plans to move, you may be wanting to invest in cabinet materials with the highest level of durability. On the other hand, you may be hoping for a cheaper cosmetic refresh to sell your home.

When you buy from a wholesaler, you'll have access to a range of materials. And more often than not, you can get cabinets made from high-grade plywood for a discount. You'll also get cabinets with better attachments and adhesion.

Shopping at a traditional retail store means you might be stuck with limited options. For instance, you may only be able to find particleboard cabinets. If you're seeking a higher-quality choice, you might prefer to see woodgrain.

Research the wholesaler, too. Ask about the timeline for shipping the cabinets. And ask about instructions to assemble the cabinets.

Look for reviews indicating that customers are happy with the shipment when it arrives. You want to be confident that your cabinets will arrive intact and without any blemishes.

The best cabinet wholesalers will work with you throughout the process. They may have a design team ready to give insights and explain the benefits of certain choices. Overall, they should be clear communicators who respond to questions promptly.

Shop Around for Discounts

Buying wholesale can land you some significant discounts — if you're willing to ask about them. Don't be afraid to try to negotiate for lower prices. If the supplier is eager to clear out their inventory, they may mark down the price for you.

Keep in mind that many retailers sell the same cabinets as what you'll find from wholesalers. By going with a wholesaler, you cut out the middleman. As a result, you should be able to score a better deal that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

With custom cabinets, you pay more for the customized cutting and materials. When shopping for wholesale cabinets, you won't need to pay for that extra layer of time. Instead, you'll be getting cabinets that are ready to ship, translating to a shorter wait.

Ask about free shipping, too. Especially if you buy a lot of cabinets for a complete upgrade, wholesalers may be open to cutting out the shipping costs. And if their warehouse is full, they'll be more likely to cut you a deal.

Choose the Best Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Quality wholesale kitchen cabinets will meet both your stylistic and budgetary needs. Shop around for a wholesaler with a strong record of customer satisfaction, quality materials, and a willingness to work with your questions. Look for the best discounts, too, before you buy new cabinets.

Find the best cabinets to fit your needs. Contact us to discover the perfect choice to complement your space!