Did you know that home renovation spending was projected to reach $430 billion at the start of 2022? If you've been pondering an upgrade to your living space, you have company! And if you're looking for one of the best places to invest, look no further than your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling can add value to your home and make cooking and entertaining a joy. Read on to learn about kitchen cabinet ideas that can transform your space!

Paint Existing Cabinets

If you're looking for budget kitchen ideas, painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh your space. When wood cabinets start to feel heavy or dated, paint can offer an attractive transformation. You can even paint smoother surfaces such as laminate.

Choose a muted gray or green for a sophisticated color change. Or add a punch of color with a bold blue or red that contrasts your backsplash or floor. You also could paint your cabinets and then sand them for a distressed look.

Consider why you're making a change in the first place before you buy several gallons of paint. If your kitchen feels dull, you might need to coordinate multiple colors. As an alternative approach, you may want to add wallpaper for a jazzy update.

Before getting started with your paint job, be sure to lightly sand and then prime your cabinets. Look at primer and paint labels to ensure you're choosing options that will adhere to the cabinet material you have. And be sure to use paint swatches to see how the colors you're considering look under different lighting scenarios.

Try Cabinet Refacing

With this approach to updating, you'll remove your existing cabinets and drawers from the unit containing them. At that time, you may choose to sand down your cabinet box and add a new coat of paint or stain to it.

Then you'll install the updated cabinet faces and drawers. This can be a cost-effective way to refresh kitchen cabinets because you won't be doing a complete overhaul. You'll save money by keeping the original cabinet box intact.

Refacing is a great choice when your cabinet faces and drawers look worn, but the box still looks sturdy. You can choose new doors and drawers in a matching finish or opt for some contrast against the cabinet frame.

Introduce Glass to Your Cabinets

Does your kitchen feel dark and heavy? You can lighten its look by lightening your cabinets. If all of your cabinets have solid faces, introducing glass can help break up the opacity of the cabinet faces.

Adding glass panes creates a lighter, more elegant sensibility. Glass also makes it easy to show off your favorite mugs, dishes, or glassware. If you have French doors in your home, cabinets with glass panes will provide an aesthetic match, too.

You'll need to remove the center portion of your cabinet to create what looks like a frame. From there you'll want to use caulk to affix glass to the center opening and let it dry. Then reattach your cabinet faces for a new and elegant look!

Add Dramatic Lighting

The right lighting can make any kitchen look better. Pendant lights can add warmth, and track lighting can highlight architectural features, turning your kitchen into a work of art. But you don't even need to get that complicated.

The addition of simple lights beneath your cabinets can go a long way. If you have countertop work stations situated below your kitchen cabinets, look into adding some lighting to these spaces. Just as outdoor lighting can boost your home's curb appeal, interior lighting can make a room stand out.

You'll provide better lighting when you're chopping vegetables. And you'll add some dramatic highlights and shadows to show off your cabinets.

Choose New Hardware

Sometimes the simple addition of new hardware can transform kitchen cabinets. If your current knobs or pulls look worn or dated, refresh them with something else. Brushed metals or a classic black pull with clean lines can update your look.

Look for hardware with matching center-to-center measurements. In other words, you want to know how wide your existing pulls are to find new ones that are the same size.

To find this measurement, you'll want to measure between the center of each screw that attaches the pull to the cabinet. Do this with your existing pulls so you know what size to get.

Upgrade to a New Cabinet Style

If your budget allows, consider going with a full cabinet upgrade to create the appearance of a new kitchen. Cabinets that feel flimsy and have major gashes or chips won't help your home's property value. At a certain point, it makes sense as a home owner to invest in better quality cabinets.

Choose maple cabinets for handsome doors and drawers that will feel sturdy. Or go with a modern cabinet face that features few, if any, embellishments. Think about the kitchen style you want to achieve before making an investment.

For the most economical approach, go with ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. RTA cabinets come in various finishes and styles that can suit any setting. Because you'll take on the task of assembling the cabinets, that translates to considerable savings.

RTA cabinets from reputable wholesalers are not complicated to put together, either. Simply following the instructions and asking customer service representatives for help can result in a stunning new kitchen!

Pursue Kitchen Remodeling

When you begin a journey into kitchen remodeling, look to your cabinets to make a dramatic transformation. Consider painting or resurfacing cabinets for a vibrant update — or go for new cabinets altogether. Introducing glass panes or dramatic lighting can have a big impact, too.

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