The last room in your home that should be dark is the kitchen. Colorful cabinets would do a lot to brighten this space! Check out these cabinet color ideas.

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen every day. At some point, you've probably glanced around and thought, "This room could really use a pop of color."

Whether it's because of indirect sunlight, bad lighting, or the existing color scheme, it's true - you may have a dark kitchen.

Before you get out the hardhat and sledgehammer, you should know that there are a lot of things you can do to your kitchen without demolishing everything and starting over, and it doesn't have to break the bank, either.

One of those things is to paint or replace your existing cabinets. Keep reading for color ideas for your cabinets to brighten your kitchen.

Think Pretty Pastels

When we say "pastels," your mind probably jumps right to a baby shower or a nursery. However, pastel colors can add gorgeous, light, and airy bright colors to your dark kitchen without making it feel like a child's bedroom.

Colors that are found in nature, such as pale yellows, pinks, and lilac would work beautifully on your kitchen cabinets. If the colors end up feeling too sweet or juvenile, you can always accent them with light (or dark) trim.

Blue Is One Of The Most Popular Color Ideas

Most people think of blue as a sad color; however, it's quite the opposite. The color blue can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity.

Another way to use blue, along with your cabinet color, is to highlight blue pottery or artwork as accent pieces.

Blue also works with a variety of trims and countertop colors, too. Whether you've got a white or wood motif, a light shade of blue would work well to brighten up your dark kitchen.

White Is Always Right

It's really, really tough to go wrong with white cabinets. White is also one of the most popular color ideas; however, there are different shades to choose from to brighten your dark kitchen.

It never hurts to request a free, 3D kitchen design from professionals to get started.

If the walls of your kitchen and/or countertop colors are already dark, changing the cabinets to a shade of white can be a great way to brighten the room.

Dove white is one of the purest forms of white that you can go with for your cabinets. Not only will it add color and brightness to your kitchen; it's also a color that exudes elegance and is easy to clean.

If you're looking for something a bit softer, you could consider going with an off-white or cream color. Avalon is another beautiful alternative to pure white that will work with almost any existing color scheme.

Don't Shy Away From Neutral Color Ideas

You may already have a preconceived notion about neutral colors. Maybe you think that they're boring, bland, and could never brighten up a dark kitchen.

Here's where we tell you that neutrals can, in fact, brighten up any room, including the kitchen.

Look down at your floors - are they dark hardwood? A great way to add contrast to dark floors or dark countertops would be to add neutral-colored cabinets.

For instance, a sterling kitchen cabinet would look stunning against a black, granite countertop and hardwood floors.

And don't be afraid to go with lighter versions of your favorite neutral color ideas. Even something as simple as a light tan would stand out against a dark hardwood and bring some light into your kitchen.

The Rainbow Connection

Neutrals have long been the trend in interior design; most homes nowadays are a mix of blacks, grays, and white paints. So, why not think outside of the box and go big and bold with your color ideas?

Of course, this lively and bright color choice has to fit with your personality. However, if it does speak to you, why not give it a try?

You could opt to go for the full rainbow spectrum of colors, either in-or-out of order - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Or, you could take one color and run with it in different shades. If you want to go with a red theme, you could use a bright red to start and then fall down the rabbit hole of shades, all the way down to pink.

The possibilities for color ideas are endless if you're willing to give it a go!

It's All In The Accessories

Fast-forward and you've got new, colorful cabinets to brighten up your dark kitchen. Now, put your decorating efforts into the accessories.

If your cabinets are now a beautiful shade of baby blue, pick up some white hand towels with light blue flowers on them.

Maybe you decided to go with the off-white motif - think about displaying some colorful plates or dishes on the countertops.

Another way to add a splash of color is the oldest trick in the book - flowers! Add a colorful bouquet (real or fake) to the island in your kitchen or to the center of your dining room table. If you want to take it a step further, add some bright placemats.

And don't forget about the lighting! It can make or break a room, so make sure you pick out the correct light fixtures for your newly-remodeled kitchen.


Don't feel overwhelmed. Changing the color of your cabinets is one of the simplest ways to brighten up a dark kitchen, and it can be done without a complete overhaul of one of the most used rooms in your house.

It's all in the details, too. A tile backsplash is another way to add some color into your kitchen, which you can match to your new cabinets. Taking the doors off your cabinets and showcasing your glassware and dishes is another simple option to brighten up a dark kitchen.

Whatever you choose to do, Nuform Cabinetry is here to help. You can contact us online or give us a call at (954)900-1055. Let us know that you're ready to brighten up your dark kitchen and we can help you get started!