A Simple Guide to DIYing RTA Kitchen Cabinets

When you're doing a DIY kitchen remodel, it's doesn't have to be complicated. Read this simple guide to DIYing RTA kitchen cabinets.

Are your kitchen cabinets drab, old, and sad? Do you wish you could hide those kitchen cabinets when company comes over? How do you give your cabinets a facelift without breaking the bank?

The answer is ready to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets! RTA cabinets are the perfect solution to your DIY kitchen/cabinet remodel! This simple and affordable option is just what you need to replace those unsightly kitchen cabinets!

Replacing cabinets can give a drabby and dated looking kitchen just what it needs to become fresh and modern again! However, many people are hesitant to take on such a big project or think the cost is out of reach. Replacing your cabinets doesn't have to be complicated, let's explore why!

You've Got Options

It used to be, the phrase ready to assemble was synonymous with cheap looking, limited, and generic. Not anymore! With today's wide RTA cabinet selection you'll have no problem finding that high quality look, just the way you want.

RTA Cabinets come in different varieties of solid hardwood, or medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF has the same look of solid hardwood but it's lighter weight and often much less expensive.

Wanting a variety of colors? No problem! RTA cabinets come in MANY different colors and styles. If those trendy cabinets on pinterest have caught your eye, you can have them!

You've Got Quality

Do your research on this one! Like most things in life, if it's too good to be true, it probably is! Read reviews and materials before purchasing so you're not stuck with a low quality product!

Lower quality products will show wear and tear quickly. Consider how many times each day you open and close them? You'll want to be sure to buy the RIGHT kind of RTA cabinets for your kitchen remodel!

Rest assured, cabinets you purchase from us will withstand normal wear and tear while maintaining their high quality look. You won't need to worry about flimsy hinges or shoddy craftsmanship! Our RTA cabinets will hold up to every day use just as well as those your neighbor paid twice as much to have professionally installed!

You've Got A Vision

Sure, it's great to wander through a showroom to find ideas! However, for some, it's just too difficult to envision how those cabinets would look in your space. Now, you can actually see it!

By using our Free 3D kitchen Design tool, you'll be able to see how your favorite modern RTA kitchen cabinets will look before you order! You can enjoy our personal design service- a luxury not available for most DIY projects!

If you're one who has difficulty with decision making, we can help! Contact us and our experts will help you decide which RTA cabinets are right for you.

You've Got The Right Price

If you're a DIYer, you've likely enjoyed the feeling you get back once your project is complete! All of the research, hard work and hours spent on are 100% worth it when you look at what you've done! There's really nothing like it.

Chances are, if you're a DIYer, you also really like the prospect of saving money! Installed kitchen cabinets can be very cost prohibitive. With RTA cabinets, you're happy to give a little sweat equity to keep the saved cash in your pocket!

Since Nuform Cabintery is a wholesaler, we can offer extremely competitive prices for the exact same quality product you'd enjoy elsewhere. In fact, we guarantee it with our price match!

You've Got To Measure

Thankfully, you don't have to go this alone! If you haven't yet, check out the 3D design tool you can use to give you a visual. We've included an easy measuring guide to help you make sure you'll order the right RTA kitchen cabinets you need for your space.

Measuring a few times can help to give you the double check you need to have precise numbers! Like any DIY project, it's also important to have proper measuring tools!. Take inventory to make sure all your measuring tools are fully functional and up to snuff before tacking a big project like RTA kitchen cabinet installation.

You've Got To Order

You've scoped out the prices and perused the gallery for your favorite style. You've verified the quality construction of your favorite product. Now, you're ready to make your first RTA kitchen cabinet order!

Thankfully, you won't have to wait as long as you would when going through a contractor. You can even enjoy free shipping on orders over $2,500! Our team of experts can help you rest assured you've ordered exactly what you need and when to expect its arrival.

You've Got The Set-Up.

While you await your cabinetry arrival, why not set up a bit? First, scope out a good storage space to make sure you'll have enough room for the boxes you've ordered. The amount of space you'll need depends on how much you've ordered.

Next, find a good working space for the RTA kitchen cabinet assembly. You may have to make some small adjustments to your space once you get started, but get a general working space ready so you'll be prepared!

What kinds of tools are in your inventory? The cabinet assembly videos will tell you exactly what you need for each item in your order. Watch these with a pencil and paper handy so you'll have a list of what you have and time to get what you don't!

With any DIY project, preparation can make or break your experience. It's so important to have a space, tools, and a plan before you begin to minimize those mid-project trips to the hardware store.

You've Got Cabinets!

Once your cabinets arrive, you're ready to go! You've got your tools, your work space, and your materials! If you have any questions about the product or process, please reach out to our experts.

Your DIY Remodel Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

As a DIYer, you've likely taken on a project or two. RTA kitchen cabinets will be a big project, but not a complicated one! If you have the proper tools, prep space, and desire, RTA kitchen cabinets will be simple!

Don't wait to get started! Check out our quality selection of RTA kitchen cabinets, call us at (954) 900-1055, stop by our showroom, check out our blog for more ideas, and get the great new kitchen you've been wanting without breaking the bank! You'll be so glad you did!