Upgrades and updates are key factors in determining a home's resale value. A kitchen remodelling or renovation is a widely known upgrade that increases resale value.

So, you may be planning to upgrade your home with new kitchen cabinets. But you are confused about where to shop. Worse, you are not sure what to do to avoid kitchen cabinet buying mistakes.

The first thing you'll most likely do is research online like most people do. The results you find may leave you more confused and overwhelmed than before.

Buying kitchen cabinets is not as simple as you thought, right? But you should not worry. Continue reading to learn the top 7 mistakes people make when purchasing kitchen cabinets and how to avoid them.

1. Incorrect Dimensions

The most common mistake people make is buying new cabinets that are too small or too big. Most don't consider the available space. Taking inappropriate measurements could lead to the delay of your project. Even if you're not an expert, you can avoid this mistake.

Take measurements of the area for cabinet installation and your kitchen. Also, measure your doors and windows, which you will use to move the cabinets into the house.

Measure all the available spaces at least three times. It will be easy to find perfect-sized cabinets when you start shopping.

2. Poorly Positioned Cabinet Doors and Drawers

There are a lot of incredible kitchen cabinet designs and materials. But, not all are functional. Apart from the design, also consider functionality.

A cabinet may have a great style but have a different feeling in your kitchen. Poorly positioned cabinet doors and drawers will not be appealing to anyone.

Get a design layout from a professional. Experts know how to manage the space well and make an attractive layout.

They will charge you but will guide you on the best design layout. The cabinets and the shelves should meet all your necessities. Position all the cabinet doors and drawers well for maximum efficiency.

3. Poor Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

A lot of people opt for cheap cabinets to spend less money. They may be affordable but do not guarantee quality and durability. Comparing cabinet costs will help you make the right selection.

Buy good quality cabinets to avoid extra charges for replacement in the future. When taking measurements, don't take measurements of the old appliances only. Remember also to measure new appliances.

Technological improvements have led to changes in the size of dishwashers and refrigerators. Failure to do so may trap you in extra charges due to poor kitchen cabinet maintenance.

4. Clashing Colors Kitchen Cabinet Buying Mistakes

The cabinets you choose will dominate the entire look of your kitchen. Whether you want a modern or traditional look, it all depends on your choice of kitchen cabinets.

Keep in mind that the cabinets should match the color of the floors and walls. Clashing colors will make the kitchen less appealing to the eyes. But the right colors will give you peace of mind when working in the kitchen.

If you're confused about the best colors for your cabinets, opt for neutral colors as they never go out of style. Or, you can consult a kitchen cabinet provider. They will tell you the right colors to choose that match your walls and floors.

5. Wasting Storage Space

Kitchen cabinet placement may be completely different when remodeling your kitchen. It makes the process of installation harder.

Another common mistake that people make is ignoring electrical and plumbing wiring. It leads to wasting storage space. It's essential not to interfere with these things when taking measurements.

If you fail to map out your kitchen cabinet arrangement, you may have nowhere to put plumbing or lighting. Don't ignore necessary plumbing when installing kitchen cabinets. You may end up lacking space to set your dishwasher.

Identify suitable locations for your cabinets and appliances in advance.

6. Using the Wrong Handles and Knobs

Many people avoid choosing hardware when buying kitchen cabinets online because of cost. But the first mistake is not buying them. Frequently used drawers and cupboards are prone to wear and tear.

Never underestimate the power of good knobs and handles. Spending about $4 on a handle or knob to protect a $350 cabinet makes sense.

Choose hardware last to avoid using the wrong handles and knobs. You will have an easy time deciding once you have identified the style of cabinetry you want to buy.

Handles and knobs provide an elegant finish. They also increase the lifespan of your drawers.

7. Mixing Frameless and Framed Cabinet Doors

Framed cabinetry are cabinets built with the door attached to the frame. They are popular in traditional kitchens. This type of construction gives cabinets more sturdiness and strength.

But, frameless cabinetry is a contemporary design popular in the modern kitchen. The concept used during construction is simple. It doesn't have a face frame but a thicker box for stability and strength.

Mixing frameless and framed cabinet doors is not a good idea. It gives a confused final look.

So, which is best for you? Choose framed cabinets if you have plenty of cabinet space and prefer a traditional look. Frameless cabinets are ideal for smaller kitchens and provide a modern look. Consider your kitchen needs to make an informed decision.

Buy the Best Kitchen Cabinets Near You

Use the above tips to avoid kitchen cabinet buying mistakes. You will save money on unnecessary repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

Kitchen cabinets are the most crucial part of your kitchen. To find the right cabinets, you need to know what to do and what to avoid.

Invest your time in research to know the latest trends. Also, consult an interior design expert for professional advice. Being extra careful will help you make the right decision.

At Nuform Cabinetry, we provide unique kitchen cabinet styles that you will love. We do this while focusing on your kitchen design and preferences.

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