Did you know that last year there was a 58% increase in people remodeling their homes? While many people worked to change the outside spaces, many others looked to the kitchen for a makeover. But do you know what a fashionable kitchen looks like?

With so many types, it can be easy to get lost. Read on as we discuss the kitchen cabinet styles you should consider for your home. 

1. Veneer Wood

A veneer is something that has fallen slightly out of favor in the modern kitchen. As people strive for clean, light-colored counters and cupboards, veneer has been resigned to dining tabletops. However, a veneer can bring warmth that you can not find in other materials. 

Slab veneer doors are very popular in Europe. The darker the wood, the more depth, and comfort it will bring to the look of the kitchen. However, that does not mean the kitchen itself has to be dark. 

Try to pair it with lighter tiling or flooring. Always make sure the countertop is one that is light as well, and fill the room with plants and natural decorations. This will enhance the wood grain, giving an organic feel to the kitchen. 

2. Beadboard

Beadboard is a very specific method of carpentry for kitchen cabinets. It is formed from rows of vertical planks that each have beaded indentations. They can bring a layered look to your kitchen and add depth lacking in slab and flat kitchen cabinets. 

Traditionally, beadboards are associated with country-style kitchen cabinets. If you go for a rustic overview, a few scratches and dents will actually add to the appeal. You can even sand them for a full shabby chic look. 

Many people prefer to go for a clean, white finish on them. However, the indentations and crevices can make them harder to clean than other surfaces. Therefore, white beadboard should be reconsidered if you have children or tend to make a mess in the kitchen itself!

3. Stainless Steel

Nothing screams modern more than a stainless steel kitchen. It blends functionality along with a minimalist design aesthetic, which is also sanitary. However, stainless steel can also fit into more traditional-style kitchens and appliances. 

As they are made from steel, you can expect them to last a lot longer than wooden cabinets. Steel is very easy to clean and wipe down, thus why it is always the go-to material for commercial kitchens. Despite being prone to odd scratches, they are very durable and can take even the most vigorous of usage. 

Unfortunately, they do have some downsides. If you like perfection in a kitchen, the penchant to show fingerprints could soon annoy you. They are also a lot more expensive than other types of kitchen cabinets. 

4. Open Concept

If you only have a small kitchen space, then an open concept is something to consider. It gives your kitchen the illusion of more space, without bulky cabinets taking up all the room. 

For anyone who already has a kitchen, you can simply remove the doors and modify the cabinets to an open plan. This is not for everyone, however. Some people detest the thought of having all their items on display, especially if they are not neatly arranged. 

One way to break up the walls of kitchen implements is to use decorative items. Ornaments and plants can act as a buffer, so you are not just faced with hoards of pots and pans. 

Extra open storage can be created with floating shelves. Line them up with existing cabinets for sleek, modern lines. If you opt for floating shelves on the top with cabinets on the ground, you can have the best of both worlds hiding items away, yet getting the illusion of space at eye level. 

5. Louvered

Louvered kitchen cabinets seem to be quite rare, giving you the opportunity to create something unique and eyecatching. Quite why they are out of fashion is unknown. They give a look that is summery, light, and reminiscent of easy-going, ocean-side dwellings. 

Part of this may be done to the cost, which can be higher than other cabinets. They are made from horizontal slats that give a shuttered look. It is a technique most commonly seen on wardrobes and interior doors. 

These kitchen cabinet door styles work well in areas that need good ventilation. They are great for doors on rooms leading to a utility room or cabinets near HVAC systems. 

6. Modern Colored

Modern kitchens do not have to be all monochrome and steel. In fact, some of the most up-to-date-looking kitchens use bold colors to make a statement. From mid-century genres onwards, a splash of color works with a lot of different styles of kitchen cabinets.

Many cabinets are available in a range of colors, you just need to ask the supplier. You may choose deep, fiery reds or cool blues. Of course, black and white do have their place, and pairing them with these colors will tone down the impact while keeping the stylish look. 

7. Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

If you are short of space, then consider dedicating one wall to a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. This gives you ample opportunity to hide away all your goods and appliances but utilizes the upward areas. Practically, it works better if you house daily use appliances at a person's height and lesser-used appliances higher up. 

When you want to use the upward space but struggle to even fit a cabinet in, then consider hanging items. This is often seen in commercial kitchens. Make sure your rails are strong, sturdy and everything from utensils to pots and pans can be stored above your head. 

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

These kitchen cabinet styles are just the tip of the iceberg. Speak with a professional about the best type from a practical point of view. After this, consider your space needs, get some design inspiration and get remodeling!

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