The holidays are soon here, so decorate your kitchen accordingly. To refresh your kitchen for the new season without breaking the bank, consider installing Shaker-style cabinetry. They look excellent and available in a wide variety of hues, from black to blue, so you may select the shade that best complements your personality. But where do you start when looking for kitchen cabinets near me? Keep reading to learn about shaker style cabinets and how they can transform your kitchen in no time!

Shaker style is a classic cabinet design that's been around for centuries. Originally inspired by the designs of Quaker furniture makers in the early 19th century, shaker cabinets are characterized by their simple look, with flat paneled doors and sleek lines. Shaker style cabinets come in a plethora of colors, so you can pick the one that fits your personality best - from cool and collected black to bright and bubbly blue. Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional aesthetic, shaker style cabinets are ideal for any kitchen.

This Christmas, why you give your shaker kitchen a little something extra special by using one of these design ideas?

Make use of red ribbons: If you have white or light-colored shaker cabinets, add some festive cheer to your kitchen by adding red ribbons around the edges of your cabinets. This will give them a subtle Christmas feel and make them look even more beautiful than before. Hang wreaths with red ribbons on cabinets, barn doors, chairs, or windows for a splash of Christmas color in your kitchen.

Add color with paint: If you have dark kitchen cabinets, give them a pop of color this Christmas by adding a splash of paint. Choose blues and greens for an evergreen look, or keep it simple with whites and ivories for an airy winter vibe. For a bold look, go for black kitchen cabinets with accents of red or gold. The color of kitchen cabinets can be anything you like, so get creative and make your Christmas décor unique!

Light it up: Nothing says Christmas quite like twinkling lights. For a cozy, warm look in your kitchen, add some fairy lights around the cabinets or on the ceiling. This will bring a festive feel to the room and create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining. Add some festive twinkle to your kitchen by putting up strings of Christmas lights around the edges of your shaker style cabinets. This is especially great if you have dark colors in your kitchen, as it will make them pop even more.

Opt for dark colors: Consider choosing dark hues like black or navy blue for your kitchen if you want it to have a more edgy, moody feel. Due to their ability to provide a touch of luxury to any home, black kitchen cabinets are especially popular during the Christmas season. Dark shades of blue and green can also look fantastic with shaker-style cabinets, especially if you want to give your kitchen's design a little drama.

Kitchen island Christmas vignette: Add a few Christmas decorations, like red ornaments, pinecones, and fake snow, to your kitchen island to make a beautiful Christmas vignette. You can even add a small tree or wreath to complete the look. This will make your kitchen island the focal point of the room and bring a warm, cozy feel to your Christmas celebrations.

The mini boxwood Christmas tree is an excellent way to spruce up a kitchen island without forgoing counter space. The small tree looks great with shaker style cabinets and can be decorated with lights, ribbons, and other festive decorations.

Worktop Combinations: To create a unique and stylish look in your kitchen, consider mixing and matching different worktops. For example, white shaker cabinets with a black granite countertop or light marble with dark mahogany cabinets make an elegant contrast. Or you can pair black kitchen cabinets with white marble for a timeless and sophisticated look. Add some glossy red tiles to the mix to add festive vibes!

Built-in Dining: Why not turn your shaker style cabinets into a cozy dining area this holiday season? All you need is some festive lighting, a few chairs, and a beautiful table. This will create an intimate atmosphere for your family to enjoy the holidays together. You can add some holiday-themed wall art or decorations around the area to make it more festive.

Farmhouse-Style Kitchen: Complete your kitchen's rustic farmhouse design with touches of gold. White laminate finishes and Christmas decor will elevate the look of your clean and tidy kitchen. Hang some ornaments on the edges of your cabinets, add a few evergreen wreaths around your windows and doors, and voila! You have a beautiful farmhouse kitchen, just in time for Christmas.

Modern Handles on White Shaker Cabinets: Update your white shaker cabinets with modern handles for a contemporary touch this Christmas. Choose sleek, slim handles in gold or silver to bring some sparkle to the kitchen. You can also add some beautiful festive wall art or lighting above the cabinets for an extra holiday cheer.

Full-on Classic Kitchen: For a classic holiday look, opt for full-on red and green. Paint your shaker cabinets red or green, and add gold handles or wood accents to finish the look. For your blue kitchen cabinets, add some white details like trim or knobs. Christmas decorations and accessories can be used to further spruce up your kitchen.

White Cabinets, Quirky Background: For a modern and quirky kitchen, try pairing white cabinets with an unexpected patterned background. Choose from vibrant floral prints or abstract geometric patterns to give your kitchen an edgy feel. Add some small Christmas decorations around the cabinets for a whimsical holiday vibe.

Blue Shaker Cabinets in an Open Kitchen: If you love colors, don’t hesitate to experiment with them. Think about putting a white marble countertop and an open layout with your blue shaker kitchen cabinets. Hang fairy lights above the cabinets, add Christmas decorations to the space, and enjoy your perfect holiday kitchen.

Ending Note:

No matter what you choose, adding a touch of Christmas to your kitchen will instantly transform it into a festive and inviting space. With the right colors and decorations, you can make a memorable holiday setting for family gatherings and cozy winter nights. So why wait? Get ready to deck the halls with style!