Eighty percent of buyers say a modern kitchen is among the top three essential spaces they want in a new home. Conversely, homeowners stuck with an outdated kitchen are typically desperate to upgrade as soon as they can afford the renovations.

And when it comes to kitchens, the furniture that gets noticed the most is undoubtedly the cabinets. After all, they take up the most space in a kitchen and are arguably the most functional feature.

If you're a project manager for a new build, house flip, or kitchen renovation, you want fashionable, quality wholesale cabinets at the right price. Read on to find out why they're suitable for any build.

1. Prices are Lower Than in Big Box Stores

One of the key reasons why a contractor might choose a wholesale cabinet supplier over shopping at a home improvement retailer is price. Wholesalers are almost always able to offer better prices than a retailer.

But why?

For one, there's no retail markup on the products. You're buying directly from the manufacturer, which cuts out all the negotiation, time, and staff related to retail buying. And this can equal significant savings for you!

You also might be able to buy seconds (slightly damaged products or products with minor manufacturing defects that can't sell through a retailer) or cabinetry from discontinued lines. These units are typically cheaper than their new, pristine counterparts.

Most wholesalers also offer discounts on large orders. This could come in the form of a percentage discount on the total order price, a per-unit deal, and shipping discounts. Contractors can also take advantage of ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets for more significant savings—more on RTA below.

Finally, you save even more on transport costs if you shop wholesale online. After all, there's no need to visit the showroom or factory.

2. They Come Frameless or Framed, Assembled or Unassembled

A wholesale kitchen cabinet comes in quite a few assembly options. What you choose will depend on your budget and construction skills.

RTA vs. Assembled

If you're shopping online for wholesale cabinets, you'll likely see them categorized as RTA (unassembled) or assembled. So what do each of these terms mean?

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble, and these are cabinets that arrive at your home or project site in pieces. You or a professional kitchen installer need to assemble them in the kitchen by fitting each part of the cabinet together—like a jigsaw puzzle.

Assembled cabinets are put together in the factory and delivered as intact cabinetry. They simply need to be fitted into the kitchen space.

In either case, look for cabinets made with dovetail (RTA) or dado (assembled) joints. These are much stronger than cabinetry that's been stapled, glued, or screwed together.

Framed vs. Frameless

Once you've decided whether you want RTA or assembled cabinets, you'll need to make some style decisions. At the most fundamental aesthetic level, you need to choose between framed or frameless cabinets.

Framed cabinets come in three variations: partial overlay, full overlay, and inset. They're typically more ornate and traditional. Shaker, colonial, and farmhouse are all examples of framed cabinets.

Frameless cabinets are also known as "full access" cabinets—the door is the same size as the cabinet box. These types of cabinets work best in a home with modern decor.

3. They Arrive On-Site Fast

Often, when you buy kitchen cabinets from a retailer, you have to chat with a consultant, get a quote, place your order, and then wait for weeks as the cabinets are made and delivered.

It's a different story with a wholesaler. Manufacturers often have the cabinets you want in stock in the warehouse and ready to ship.

Even if you're getting bespoke or custom cabinetry, the wait times are typically shorter than going through a retailer. And that's because you're speaking directly with the company that makes the products.

This means shipping times are also fast—especially if you order from a local wholesaler.

4. There's So Much More Variety

Buying kitchen cabinets for new builds is usually relatively easy. After all, every home will have a similar set of contemporary, neutral cabinetry).

However, making the same purchase for a renovation can be challenging. There's more emphasis on individual style, and the cabinets often need to match the home's existing decor and dimensions.

Wholesalers have a vast selection of stock to match either situation. This is because they sell to retailers across the country—and even internationally—and must cater to various tastes and needs.

When a project has a particular aesthetic, a homeowner has unique kitchen cabinet ideas, or you need to fit cabinets into an awkward space (say, a tiny house on wheels), you can work with a wholesaler to create customized cabinetry.

5. The Quality Is High

Since wholesalers are cabinet makers, creating quality products is their bread and butter. Cabinet manufacturers that provide stock to leading retailers need to keep product quality high to ensure they keep their contracts year after year.

Look for wholesalers that offer lots of styles and options, have well-known clients, get good reviews on platforms like Google maps and Better Business Bureau, and specialize in all-wood construction.

Plus, problems are easier and quicker to resolve since you're dealing with the manufacturer and not a third party.

Consider Wholesale Cabinets for Your Next Renovation or Construction Project

Whether you're a homeowner project managing your kitchen renovation or a contractor building 200 new homes, you care about the bottom line. And purchasing wholesale cabinets online rather than heading to a retailer will save you money.

Other benefits of going wholesale include more options and customizations, a more professional level of customer service, and faster on-site delivery.

If you're looking for wholesale cabinets that combine the best style, price, and quality, take a look at the cabinets and other products on offer at nuformcabinetry.com. We specialize in high-quality RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets and vanities for American dealers, builders, designers, and homeowners.