You Have a Choice: The Pros and Cons of Buying Assembled RTA Cabinets

Discount cabinets from RTA are an excellent value. We use high-quality materials and hardware when making our attractive cabinets. Find out more details here.

In most family homes, the kitchen is more than a cooking spot. It's a gathering place, an entertainment venue, and a symbol of the comforts of your home and your family. It's no wonder you want to step up your kitchen's style with beautiful cabinets.

Then you start shopping and you get instant sticker shock. Custom cabinets can run as high as $1,200 per linear foot.

If you're looking for a smarter choice for your wallet, look no further than ready-to-assemble (RTA) discount cabinets online. They're the economic choice that offers a variety of advantages for your new kitchen.

1. Affordable Price Tag

Without a doubt, the price is the top reason homeowners and designers buy RTA cabinets. Because you're the one assembling and installing your cabinets, the total price is far less expensive.

Buying your cabinets online will help with the cost too. Online retailers tend to have fewer overhead costs than stores, so we can give you a better price.

2. Easy Assembly

Handling home improvements as DIY projects is a common way homeowners try to save money. Not all those projects are as easy as they seem, though. No one wants to end up damaging their home or spending back-breaking hours on a project to get minimal savings.

That isn't the case with RTA cabinets, though. Assembly and installation are easy enough for homeowners to tackle without construction experience. They often come with clear instructions and the work it takes is worth the money you save.

Of course, you also have the option of hiring a contractor to assemble and install your cabinets if you choose. Even this route is likely to save you money because the cabinets don't take as much of the contractor's time as complex custom cabinetry.

3. High Quality for the Cost

When you buy custom or pre-assembled cabinets, you're paying for several costs. You pay for the materials, skilled labor, transportation, and more.

With RTA cabinets, you skip the labor costs altogether. It's even better when you get your cabinets from a wholesale supplier because there are fewer middlemen to pay.

Because of this, RTA cabinets give you higher quality for the money. They're inexpensive but they can use higher-quality materials because they have fewer other costs to cover.

4. Efficient Shipping

Assembled cabinets are difficult to ship. They take up extra space because of all the empty space inside the cabinets. The empty space also makes it easier to damage so they need specialized handling or a lot of protective packing.

RTA cabinets are packaged and shipped in more condensed boxes, though. This makes them more efficient to ship and less prone to transit damage.

This is one more way RTA cabinets are more affordable because the compact shipping makes them less expensive to ship. Efficient shipping is also better for the environment.

5. Faster Timeline

Some homeowners stress over designing their perfect custom or made-to-order cabinets and breathe a sigh of relief when they place the order. Then they find out it'll take weeks or months to see the results.

With made-to-order or custom cabinets, you have to wait for the manufacturer or carpenter to build them. If they already have dozens of customers ahead of you, you're stuck with a long wait.

RTA cabinets are already manufactured, packaged, and in stock. All we have to do is put them on a truck and you'll have them before you know it. 

6. Extensive Options

Custom cabinets sound appealing because you can have any design you want. The vast majority of homeowners, though, find out there are RTA options that fit their vision perfectly.

Because RTA cabinets are so popular, there's an extensive list of options you can choose. You get to choose your wood variety, door style, color, finish, and more. You can mix and match multiple selections too.

To get the widest range of choices, make sure you visit a seller that specializes in RTA cabinets. They'll have the most variety available in stock so you can find the ideal fit for your kitchen.

7. Easy Customizability

Even with the variety of options among RTA cabinets, there are additional ways you can customize them on your own. For instance, depending on the material you choose, you can refinish the cabinets whenever you choose. Some cabinets come unfinished too so you can use any stain or paint you want.

You can also choose any cabinet handles and knobs you want, which have a great impact on the cabinets' look. It's easy to add other features as well like soft-close hardware, and under-cabinet lighting. 

8. Same Look as Custom Cabinets

Everyone wants their home to look expensive and luxurious, but we don't all have a luxurious budget. With RTA cabinets, you don't have to.

After you assemble and install them, no one will be able to tell the difference between RTA cabinets and other types of cabinets. They come with high-quality materials, ornate designs, and modern styles.

The only exception is if you have a highly unusual kitchen layout and you buy RTA cabinets that don't fit. Even in this case, you could keep your costs low by buying RTA cabinets and adding a few custom pieces as needed.

Choosing Your Provider for RTA Discount Cabinets

RTA discount cabinets are a great way to get the stunning and functional kitchen you want without blowing your budget. The key is choosing a seller that offers a wide selection, great service, and exceptional quality.

An online retailer in particular can give you great value you're less likely to find in stores. To start building your dream kitchen, explore our RTA cabinet selectiontoday.