Are looking to replace your kitchen cabinets? Cabinets are your kitchen's most important fixtures, so whatever design you choose will completely transform your kitchen's appearance - for better or worse.

Picking a design isn't so easy, especially if you have choice anxiety. Cabinets come in an overwhelming variety of woods, colors, metals, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing your kitchen cabinets doesn't have to be stressful. You just need some inspiration, which is why we're here to help. Check out these kitchen cabinet ideas to find your favorite styles and designs for 2022.

Paint Your Cabinets Classic Gray and White

For the people that love a classic color, you'll be happy to know that gray and white cabinets are rising in popularity this year. Soothing and sophisticated, these classic colors always look perfect on our cabinets.

Gray Color Ideas

What gray and white colors are the right look for 2022? When you look for gray cabinet colors, search for warmer tones.

The recent trend is greige, a popular range of colors that skirt the gray area between gray and beige. Greige toes the line of gray while evoking a warmer, more natural atmosphere in your kitchen. You can choose to go greige with more gray or more beige, and the result will be beautiful.

White Color Ideas

For white cabinets, we're looking away from any sterile white color. Instead, we recommend you lean heavily into either warm tones or cool tones. This will move you away from hospital white and toward white cabinets with more personality.

A popular cabinet color trend for 2022 is, not so surprisingly, white mixed with hints of greige. As you can see, everyone is obsessed with greige this year, and adding a little greige to classic white can be a nice, subtle touch of color on your cabinets.

Take Inspiration From Nature With Earthy and Light Colors

A classic white used to be the go-to cabinet color, but the classic color doesn't have to be your only kitchen cabinet staple.

In 2022, we're looking at nature in a whole new light as we move forward from the pandemic. The earthy colors of nature have inspired us to give a warmer kitchen appearance. These natural colors often make people feel calm and centered. 

Taupe, sage, and warm whites are perfect colors to paint your kitchen cabinets if you want to create a light, natural atmosphere. When you're trying to pick your natural color palette, shop for warm or neutral tones that you can picture both in your home and in Mother Nature.

Let Your Natural Wood Cabinets Shine

Natural wood cabinets are also the kitchen vibe for 2022. Once again, inspired by nature, wood cabinets take us away from the world and into the woods - without the bugs. 

These three types of wood ideas can complement your kitchen.

Grained Walnut

Grained walnut is the perfect staple wood for cabinets this year. As a cabinet classic, walnut is versatile, uniform, and beautiful even as it ages.

For 2022, try light or medium finishes and horizontal grains for your cabinets. The horizontal grain will give your cabinets a more modern look, while the lighter finishes give rich warmth to your kitchen.

White Oak

White oak has been a cabinet crowd favorite for years, and it's not going away anytime soon. This wood is beautiful, timeless, and not too pricey.

While white oak is already trendy, you can add a creative element by using white oak along with other woods. Mixing more than one type of wood in your kitchen to create two-toned cabinets can add some character to the typical uniformity of kitchen cabinets.

Dark-Stained Wood

If you think dark stains on cabinets are relics of the past, we're ready to prove you wrong. A dark stain creates a classic kitchen look, and classic always comes back in style.

Dark-stained wood can look rustic and chic with dark coffee hues. Restaurants already use dark-stained wood to evoke a classic yet trendy countryside home, and we think it's time to bring the same energy to the kitchen.

Evoke Industrial With Metal Cabinet Hardware

What styles and designs are best for your cabinet fixtures?

When you replace your kitchen cabinets, don't forget about the handles and knobs. While you can certainly buy cabinets with no fixtures attached, most kitchen cabinets need these fixtures to function. 

One of our favorite cabinet hardware ideas is using metal handles and knobs to create an industrial feel for your kitchen. Industrial style has been all the rage lately and depending on the metal and style, you can evoke industrial with the right metal cabinet hardware.

Look for industrial pulls in either cool stainless steel or warmer alternatives like copper and brass. Metal fixtures will look more unique and less utilitarian if they have some texture or designs added to them.

Raise Your Cabinets High

What is the first thing you look for in a kitchen? For many people, the answer is storage space. That's why for 2022, we're putting more cabinets above us with less clutter in front of us.

Cabinet placement is another aspect of decorating your kitchen, but many people don't know how to balance looks and practicality. 

Not only do these high-placed cabinets give you more storage, but they also fill empty spaces and add dynamic elements to your kitchen wall. Now that open concept kitchens are the trend to follow, upper cabinets can give you everything you need without crowding your kitchen.

Fill your kitchen space with upper cabinets, so you don't feel overwhelmed by your kitchen appliances and underwhelmed by your kitchen walls.

Explore Your Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2022

We've explored all the best kitchen cabinet ideas for 2022, covering every aspect of choosing cabinets from color to placement. Hopefully, you've found the inspiration you needed to choose the cabinets to complete your kitchen.

At Nuform Cabinetry, we take your kitchen cabinet ideas and make them a reality. We're your one-stop-shop for high-quality and affordable ready-to-assemble cabinets.

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