Did you know that blue and green cabinet colors are the hottest trends for 2022?

Whether you're looking for an adventurous kitchen or something more timeless, RTA kitchen cabinets are a great choice. They're perfect for anyone looking for a high-end look, without the luxury price tag. All you need are some basic DIY skills and you could have the kitchen of your dreams for a fraction of the regular price.

But what exactly are RTA kitchen cabinets? Why are they perfect for your kitchen?

Join us to explore why your next kitchen should be an RTA kitchen.

What Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA stands for ready to assemble. RTA kitchen cabinets come flat-packed so that you can assemble them yourself. There's no need to pay a carpenter to make bespoke cabinets and you get to save big time.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that RTA kitchen cabinets are a substandard product. If you go to the right company, you'll find high-quality RTA cabinets with all the luxury cabinet materials you'd expect from a bespoke.

Look for a manufacturer that only uses premium hardwoods and plywoods in their cabinets. In most cases, particle board cabinets are not going to stand the test of time, although there can be some exceptions.

There's no place for loud, banging kitchen doors and drawers in your kitchen! Make sure they include soft-close, self-closing hardware. Quality suppliers of RTA cabinets also use dove-tailed construction.

Assembled and Unassembled Options

If you're a proficient DIYer, you'll have no trouble assembling RTA kitchen cabinets. They are designed to be easy for non-professionals to assemble. They come with clear instructions.

You can also order RTA cabinets and then hand them over to your contractor to assemble and install on-site. Flat-packed cabinets are cheaper to ship as they take up less space in transit.

What if you're not too confident about assembling cabinets yourself?

Assembled kitchen cabinets are a great alternative. They come ready assembled from the company. All you have to do is install them.

Shorter Lead Times

Lead times for bespoke cabinets can be several weeks and even months. But with RTA kitchen cabinets, they'll be with you in a maximum of three weeks. In many cases, they'll be there sooner than that.

How RTA Cabinets Can Fit Your Space

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it's made to measure. It's precisely customized to your space. But what if you could get the same level of design and customization without the hefty price tag?

RTA cabinets come in a huge range of sizes and styles. This includes framed and frameless styles.

Look for a company that offers a 3D design concept for your kitchen remodel. You provide the measurements of your existing kitchen and complete an online form. Select the additional features and upgrades you'd like to include.

This includes features such as:

  • Base molding
  • Spice pull out cabinet
  • Wine storage
  • In-cabinet pullouts
  • Garbage pull out cabinet
  • Microwave base cabinet

You will receive a free kitchen design mockup that will allow you to see your new kitchen in 3D. This takes the guesswork out of the design process and allows you to see the cabinet colors and styles as they'll appear in your home.

The advantage of working with expert kitchen designers is that they know how to make the best use of the space in your kitchen.

They can come up with inventive storage solutions. They allow you to store everything your family needs without the space looking cluttered.

The Benefits of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Using RTA cabinets in your kitchen renovation doesn't just keep costs down. It also allows you to get a high-quality, stylish kitchen that is designed for your space.

Flexible Designs

RTA cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and styles. This includes:

  • Base cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Tall cabinets
  • Fillers and panels
  • Molding and accessories

There's a huge variety in base cabinets. Think modern designs like knee drawer cabinets, lazy Susan base cabinets, and waste basket base cabinets. This allows you to customize your kitchen to a design that works perfectly for your family.

Tall cabinets allow you to have double-door and even four-door wall pantries. This makes excellent use of space that would otherwise be devoted to redundant countertops.

The Satisfaction of Installing Your Own Kitchen

OK, you will need to get professionals in for electrical and plumbing. But if you're a true handywoman or man, this is your chance to take on a major project the easy way.

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are building your kitchen with your own hands. But without having to spend years honing your carpentry skills!

Huge Range of Styles

Find the right RTA cabinet company and you'll have a huge range of styles to choose from. The choice ranges from timeless classics like Shaker-style cabinetry to modern designs in bold colors.

The 3D design service allows you to see what your chosen design will look like in situ. You can also order sample doors to be sure that you're getting exactly what you want. This is a great opportunity to check the quality for yourself before committing to buying the entire kitchen.

Options for Every Budget

If you feel that you just don't have the budget for a kitchen remodel, RTA cabinets may make it possible.

All styles are clearly price marked. This allows you to get a feel for what you can afford before investigating further. You may be surprised how much kitchen you can get for a relatively small budget!

Choose Nuform for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

If you're in the market for new kitchen cabinets, it's a good idea to investigate RTA.

They are an affordable yet high-quality alternative. They come in a huge range of styles. Best of all, they are easy to assemble and look stunning.

At Nuform Cabinetry, we're proud to offer a wide range of affordable yet well-constructed RTA kitchen cabinets. There's a style for everyone. Plus, our 3D design service ensures you get the perfect fit for your home.

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