Why not spice up your bathroom space with unique bathroom cabinet hardware? We'll explain where to look for it and how to make your selection.

Bathrooms don't have to be dull and dreary. They're a great space for you to show off your style or embrace a fun theme. Go nautical, vintage, or super funky. The limits of what you can do in the space only depend upon how far your imagination will go. 

You don't have to be pigeonholed into using traditional bronze or stainless steel hardware on your cabinets. There are many unique bathroom cabinet hardware ideas that are interesting and made from repurposed materials. 

For those looking to redo their bathrooms in a fun and interesting way, read on for some unique cabinet hardware ideas. 

Vintage Drawer Pulls

Revive an old dresser or cabinet in your bathroom as an updated vanity. The changes don't have to be limited just to a change in color. Swap out the existing hardware for something that makes a bigger statement. 

Changing out the hardware is an inexpensive way to give new life to an old piece of furniture. Head out to your local thrift or antique store to see what hardware they have in stock.

If you're going for a glam vibe in your bathroom, add vintage crystal knobs to your bathroom vanity. Especially if you have a mirrored vanity or cabinet, adding a crystal knob will give your bathroom a sophisticated feeling. 

Marble is becoming a huge interior design trend and it's not just limited to countertops anymore. Marbleized knobs are all the rage for a modern bathroom. You can make your own faux marble knobs out of clay and a few other supplies. 

You may be wanting to replicate the mid-century modern look in your bathroom, but finding hardware from the 1950s and 60s can be difficult or expensive. Recreating the iconic starburst look from that time period is simple. With a few supplies and an afternoon, you can DIY a set of pulls for your vintage-themed bathroom.  

Old pieces of leather that you find at an antique store or flea market create an elegant but simple look in your bathroom. Depending upon your color scheme, you can find pieces of leather that will coordinate with your decor. 

Unique Cabinet Pulls from Ordinary Objects

If you're redoing your kid's bathroom, there are a lot of fun objects you can use as drawer pulls.

Head over to your local dollar store and buy a package of safari animals. Spray paint them your color of choice and adhere them to flat knobs. This idea makes for a perfect jungle-themed bathroom for your children. 

If you have a LEGO-loving kid in your life, those toys make a great fit for a drawer pull. It will also add in pops of color throughout your bathroom with the bright, vivid colors of the toy. 

For your rustic guest bathroom, make a drawer pull out of a tree branch. There are many metal tree branch-themed hardware out there, but why go for something overpriced when you can do something unique? Pair a beautiful piece of Manazinta with a light-colored cabinet so the drawer pull pops. 

Nautical bathrooms can be taken to the next level with rope as your pull on your vanity or bathroom cabinet. If you have a beach house, lakeside cottage, or your own home by a river, this makes for an exquisite accent. 

Industrial may be more your style. Cut pieces of copper pipe to your desired length and glue them to a flat knob of a coordinating color. This will give your bathroom a touch of industrial flare. 

If you're really wanting to go rugged and modern, nuts and bolts drawer pulls will add that element to your bathroom. You can get every supply you need at your local hardware store. Silver may not go with your decor, so spray paint them whatever color you choose. 

Fun and Unique Cabinet Knobs

In your beach travels, collect shells, pretty rocks, and polished sea glass. These can be used as unique cabinet knobs for your bathroom. Some stores sell small pieces of agate that can be used as a knob as well. 

Decoupaged cabinet pulls will give your bathroom a cottage or flea market vibe. They can be done in a matter of minutes and installed quickly. The base of the knob is cheap and easy - all you need are wooden knobs that you can find at any hardware store. 

Grab some non-toxic glue that's designed for decoupage, such as Modpodge. You'll need a soft brush as well. Design and print out drawer knob designs, making sure the circle is the same size as your knob.

Apply some of the glue to the surface of the knob. Place your circle down on a piece of plastic and put your knob on that, making sure it is center. Pick up the knob and gently brush more glue on the edges. 

When the paper is firmly glued to the knob, apply a few layers of additional glue on the top to seal it. Let it dry completely before installing it on your vanity. 

Creating your own decoupage knobs gives you a lot of freedom as you're able to choose the design and color on your knobs. When you've decided to move onto another style, they're easy to replace and you didn't invest a lot of money in them to begin with. 

Try Some of These Bathroom Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Bathrooms are a great space in your house to express your personality and style. They're one of the least visited rooms in your house, so make an impression on your guests when they visit that room. One of these bathroom cabinet hardware ideas will go along perfectly with your chosen decor style. 

If you're ready to start the redecorating process, check out some of the bathroom vanities we have in stock in our online store.