As many as 90% of homeowners plan to renovate some part of their home in the near future. It's just a natural tendency to want to adjust your living space to fit your style and needs as much as possible. Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular projects taken on by homeowners, which makes sense since it's such a busy part of the home. 

Like most things these days, homeowners are turning to the internet to source materials for their new and improved kitchens. Yes, you can even buy kitchen cabinets online!

But making these purchases can be tricky and a bit overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you know how to choose kitchen cabinets online to make sure you get the exact kitchen you've always been dreaming of! 

Overall Design Style 

Obviously, the most important thing to consider when buying kitchen cabinets online is what style you're going for. Every manufacturer will offer specific cabinet faces that fit into their style, the key is to find the one that fits yours. 

A great way to determine what your preferred style is going to be is to collect inspiration pictures. Browse online to see what photos stick out to you and what draws your attention. It doesn't all have to fit together initially but as you go back through them, you'll start to see patterns and get a good idea of what appeals to you. 

From there, you can find the right type of cabinet door to fit into that style. 

Desired Materials 

Some homeowners have very clear ideas of what materials they'd like to use and even ones that they won't. If you don't have any of these solid options, it's a good idea to do research into the types of kitchen cabinets to see what would fit your needs best. 

The main consideration in materials is going to be the budget. Some kitchen designs call for high-end cabinets made from real wood to support full stone counters, while others can use a cheaper material for the cabinets like a particle board interior. Some homeowners even choose to mix and match the materials.

Assembly Type

Another major difference in the online kitchen cabinets available is how they are assembled. The boxes will either come fully assembled or in pieces and you can put them together yourself. Both will need the doors or drawer fronts attached regardless. 

If you've ever thought about or researched doing a renovation on your kitchen, you've seen how quickly the cost can add up. Choosing to tackle the assembly of your cabinetry on your own is a great way to bring that overall cost down. The great part about this project is there is so much educational information available, you can quickly learn how to get the job done. 

The process can be completely customized to fit your abilities as well. Do what you can and then hire out the rest! It's one of the main areas you can DIY in a kitchen renovation, which is another fun element of the overall project. 

Measure Twice 

Dimensions and the layout are some of the most crucial elements of a kitchen remodel. There would be nothing worse than starting to install your new kitchen only to realize you measured incorrectly and don't have the pieces you need. 

When you're buying kitchen cabinets online, it's crucial to make sure you get the measurements exactly right. We recommend measuring at least twice to make sure you get the same number each time. Paying attention to the smallest details will result in the most professional-looking outcome possible. 

Special Add-Ons

Taking on a kitchen renovation is an overwhelming task but it also allows you to get a customized space that works perfectly for your family. The best way to do that is to add special touches to fit with your routines. 

While you're browsing your online kitchen cabinet options, take a look at these specialty items to see if any would make your space more functional. This could include additional organizers or pull-out drawers within the cabinet. It's best to order these things with the rest of your regular cabinet boxes to get the whole job done at the same time. 

Order Samples 

There really is no way to tell if an aspect of your new kitchen will work in the actual space without ordering a sample.

The sample allows you to feel the material and see the true color. No matter how great the photos online are, it won't be the same as in your actual room in the natural light there. Ordering samples is a step that should never be skipped, even in the smallest of projects. 

It makes such a huge difference to feel confident in your choice and that it will all work together. 

Verify Reputation

It's always a bit of a gamble to purchase anything online, that's why it's so important to take the time to verify the company and check out its reputation. 

The best way to get a feel for what dealing with any company is like is to read reviews and customer experiences. These will give you detailed, true accounts of what the experience was like and what you can expect. This step is so important to make sure you get what you're paying for and that you'll be satisfied in the end. 

A company like Nuform Cabinetry that is known for its excellent workmanship and customer service helps you feel confident moving forward that you'll have the same experience. 

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets Online

The cabinets are the base of any kitchen, which is why choosing the right ones is such an important part of any design or renovation process. Following this guide for how to choose kitchen cabinets online will help you feel confident in your abilities to get the job done and be pleased with the results. 

Once you find the right company to work with, it's a good idea to work with their professional team to narrow down your options and help you find the perfect fit. They will be a wealth of knowledge that should be taken advantage of!

If you're interested in looking at some kitchen cabinet options online or need some design advice, contact us today!