Since the pandemic started our homes have become even more important to us, we work at our home office desk, take conference calls in the living room, and cook all our meals in the kitchen.

Did you know that 80% of people work from home now? Well, the future of remote working is here to stay and it is making us reconsider our home spaces and how we design them.

For example, there will be more technical elements that blend real and virtual worlds, and there will be a focus on space for indoor workouts. Not only this, but cabinet trends are becoming more popular!

If you're planning a new year makeover for your home and you want some inspiration for your kitchen, then keep reading to find out about the best kitchen cabinet trends for 2022...

The Best Eye-Catching Cabinet Trends for 2022

When you first walk into your kitchen the first thing you see before the delicious food sitting on your countertop is the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, you want to make sure they stand out and emphasize all the elements of the room.

Now, you might be wondering, are white cabinets a trend? Maybe you've seen photos of them on your social media accounts and you're wondering should I go with a white design for my kitchen remodel? 

The good news is, one of the biggest upcoming trends is bold color cabinets

1) Bold Colors 

Unlike traditional dark colors such as grey and black, people have been moving towards light, bold colors. As well as white, some other popular choices are earthy tones and green shades. 

Other kitchen cabinet color trends are:

  • Two-toned
  • Blue
  • Natural colors

If you want to keep up with trending cabinet colors then you'll want to pick one of these! 

2) Minimalist 

Even though many of us have only heard of minimalism in recent years, not everyone realizes that it has been a design movement since the 60s...

Since its rise in popularity, interior designers have been receiving thousands of requests for minimalist cabinets. But, what exactly is minimalist decor? 

This type of design is sleek, polished, and has minimal details. The main goal of minimalism is to make your space as simple and uncluttered as possible. 

RTA cabinets are also great if you want a minimalist theme. RTA cabinets are cost-effective and look amazing in your home!

3) Mesh Fronted Cabinets

Experts predict that mesh fronted cabinets will become more common in the next year. These look wonderful against a glass unit or solid-fronted units.

Mesh design features also work with another one of the cabinet trends coming up in 2022 which is no cabinet knobs. This creates a flat appearance which further emphasizes the simple aesthetic. 

Unless you want to invest in beautifully detailed knobs, it can make your design even more impressive if you don't include them. No knobs will draw attention to the color palette and overall feel of the space. 

4) Wooden Cabinets

Have you heard of the popular trend Cottagecore?

Cottagecore refers to the design trend of making your home look like an idyllic countryside cottage with lots of flowers, books, and most importantly wood.

A theme like this for your home is perfect if you live in the city but want to feel connected to nature and create a cozy environment to relax in.

Oak and walnut cabinets look fantastic in a natural kitchen design. Plus, the warm color tones provide an inviting atmosphere and add personality to the room. 

Once you've decided what type of cabinet you would like, you might be thinking, how much does it cost to remodel your kitchen?

Cost of Remodeling

Of course, the cost of any remodeling will depend on the size and what you would like to decorate with. However, on average a kitchen remodel costs around $35,000, but if you are only looking to re-design cabinets...

Then, it normally costs $8,000.

For people with larger budgets, there are a few other details you can add to make your kitchen a trendy space in 2022.

Other Kitchen Design Details

Although a kitchen is functional, that doesn't mean that you can't include personalized elements. You can place sentimental items such as picture frames, or collectibles from traveling to other countries. 

Cookbooks are also a great design feature as well as useful for moments when you don't know what to cook and need a little inspiration.


Often kitchens can appear dull and sterile if you don't include enough texture. By layering patterns, lighting, and other textures you can add more depth to the space.

Recycled Kitchens

As people are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment, they are looking for ways to incorporate recycled materials into their kitchens.

For sustainable kitchens, you can purchase second-hand chairs or recycled glassware. Choosing eco-friendly products can reduce your spending costs and help protect the environment...

What could be better?


You might be thinking, isn't wallpaper outdated? Well, no, it's making a comeback!

There are hundreds of options available that suit different personalities, designs, and color schemes. The only thing you have to make sure you do after placing wallpaper on the wall is use a matt water-based varnish...

A solution like this will avoid the bumps and air bubbles that can occur when decorating with wallpaper.

All of these suggestions are predicted to be very popular next year, so if you decide to include any in your remodeling you will be ahead of the trend!

Design Your Kitchen With Style

For installing new kitchen cabinets you will want to hire a professional who can ensure your remodeling goes smoothly.

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Even though cabinet trends come and go, a trustworthy cabinet supplier is not so common...

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After you decide to renovate your kitchen, you want to make sure it turns out exactly the way you want it to. Get in touch today to begin your kitchen makeover!