The average home can have more than 30 cabinets which creates a lot of opportunities for hidden messes. Whether you have kids or just forget to put things back, it can be overwhelming to know what to organize, how to do it, or even where to begin.

But reorganizing your cabinets doesn't need to be a stressful task. Instead, we can help you organize your cabinets in a strategic way that will make sure they stay in perfect condition long after you're done. 

Are you looking for organizational ideas that are easy to maintain? Keep reading for our best bathroom cabinet ideas!

Remove Unnecessary Junk

The first step to organizing, regardless of the project, is going through what is in there and removing the things you have never used, haven't used in years, or will probably never use again. This ensures that if it is taking up space in your home, it has a reason to be there. You want to make sure that the space is occupied by the things you feel are essential. 

For example, bandaids and mouth wash are important to keep. Untouched makeup products, old toothbrushes, and expired contact solutions can get tossed.

As you are going through your items, begin to organize them into three categories: keep, toss, and donate. These piles will help you as you organize and pare down what you don't need leaving more space for the things you do!

There are also a number of items that end up in the wrong place. When you go through your bathroom, make a pile of things you need and spend 15 minutes returning misplaced items to where they belong. 

Organize Your Items

This portion of the cabinet reorganization refers to going through the items you have decided to keep and organizing them into categories. You want to begin to create piles that make sense together and are necessary to your bathroom.

Whatever your method is, this step is crucial to making sure that your belongings fit back into your cabinets. Hopefully, you made some tough decisions and got rid of a lot of stuff, so this second tier of organizing shouldn't take you as long. 

The goal of this whole project is to make your life easier, so although it may be somewhat time-consuming to do now, it will be worth it to maintain the organization in the long run.

Return Your Items

Now that you only have what you really want or need for the cabinets, you can begin to put them back in. We recommend keeping the similar items together and creating a system for organization that makes sense for your home. 

For example, all the hair products can stay together under the sink. The skincare products make more sense to be at eye level, so they can stay together in the medicine cabinet. Make sure when putting things back to return them to a place that makes sense for you and the people you live with. 


You can also use bins that complement your bathroom design to create a color scheme that flows. For example, a popular design color is greige, which is a mix of gray and beige. It goes with all designs and colors. 

The alternative to colored bins is clear bins which allow for the members of your house to see what goes where without having to pull the entire stack out one by one.


You can also utilize labels for a more secure and longer-lasting organization. That way, when you look in your cabinets, you can clearly see the labels for what goes where. It makes it easier for anyone else who may be wondering where something goes to help you keep things neat.  

Since bathroom cabinets present limited space, bins may be the way to go for ensuring things stay together in their groups within the cabinets. Using small bins can help make your organization more specific, so there is less room for things to get lost or confused.

Vertical Shelving

If you still don't have enough space for everything, you can use open shelving in your bathroom. Although this style of storage is more common in kitchens, if you don't have enough room to put things in the cabinet, use the vertical space on the walls. This is a super-easy way to create more space for yourself while not compromising the organization you've already done.

Maintain Your Organization

Keeping your house clean is an uphill battle, especially when you don't live alone, but that does not mean it's impossible! Bathrooms are small spaces, so you need to optimize the way you keep them organized.

The labels are a great proactive way to ensure your bathroom stays organized.

You can also stay on top of the organization by doing continuous removal of things that don't belong in your bathroom. When you see something that shouldn't be there, just toss it to save yourself from doing it a few months later.

Use These Bathroom Cabinet Ideas 

Regardless of the situation with your bathroom cabinets, we assure you that organization is always possible. By removing the items you don't need, organizing the things you do, and using methods like labels to make sure it stays neat, you have all the tools for the job.

Now that you know our bathroom cabinet ideas and the insides look pristine, we want to help make sure the outside looks just as good! Whether you're looking for pre-assembled cabinets or other bathroom organizational solutions, we carry it all. Take a look at our bathroom vanities for more stylish ideas.