8 Tips for Selecting RTA Bathroom Vanities

It can be hard to select from the wide range of RTA bathroom vanities. All have their plusses. Please read this article, where we offer helpful selection tips.

RTA bathroom vanities will transform your bathroom, guaranteed. It's the second-largest piece of furniture in any bathroom by far. How do you choose the right vanity for your space?

1. Choose the Right Materials

Vanities take a substantial beating in a humid bathroom environment. You need to focus on selecting a material that won't mildew or mold easily. That's why, though the wood looks nice, we would recommend a laminate, waterproofed composite material, or a well lacquered wooden surface. Tile is also a good solution.

Consider choosing your vanity top first. That way, you're guaranteed to find a top that you love to look at, and that wipes clean easily. Find cabinets and a faucet afterward.

If you come across any so-called "vanities" made from MDF or unsealed wood, give them a pass.

2. Choose Your Sink

Sinks are as diverse as the vanities that they are going inside. They're also one of the features that you'll be looking at the most. The right sink can often save less than desirable cabinets, so, once you've selected your vanity surface, look to see if it comes with a sink and vanity already or if you'll need to buy one.

Also, consider the number of sinks that you need. It might be nice to have two sinks, but will they fit into your bathroom? Will you have the drive to clean twice as many bathroom sinks?

If you only want to replace a sink that you already have. Start by measuring the dimensions of the sink-hole in your vanity. Next, choose a material that's durable, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes.

3. Think About Placement

The placement of your vanity is extremely important. Because a vanity will be the second-largest fixture in your bathroom, considering placement is a crucial step.

If you're already remodeling your bathroom, then you have much more flexibility, you can add a recess into your wall, or you can open the bathroom itself up by moving an entire side back. If you're not remodeling your bathroom and placement is set in stone, then you might want to consider a floating vanity for a smaller space or a more ornate vanity for a larger area.

Placement of your vanity is also going to affect your cleaning workflow and the functionality of the room itself. Make sure that your new RTA vanity isn't going to obstruct your path to and from the shower or that it won't make sweeping difficult. Finally, open the doors to see if the bathroom is still usable when they're all the way open.

4. Measure With the Correct Proportions

Next, consider the size of your new vanity. We touched on this briefly in section two, but your vanity's size should be proportional to the size of the bathroom you're remodeling or updating.

The last thing you want is a small vanity that makes you feel like your bathroom is part of a child's dollhouse or a large one that makes everything feel claustrophobic.

Standard bathroom vanity dimensions are measured in cabinet size. Cabinets usually come in 60", 48", 36", 30", and 24" varieties. So, use these measurements to rough in your placement of the vanity with these dimensions in mind.

Planning out your bathroom's layout with these standard vanity sizes will help you avoid a comically sized vanity mishap.

5. Consider Custom Designed RTA Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are a dime a dozen, so you should be able to find close to what you're looking for (fingers crossed). However, in many cases, the dimensions that your bathroom requires or the aesthetic that you're going for won't be readily available.

You could go to a hardware store and pick something out, but 90% of the time, you'll be settling. That's one of the strengths of our unassembled RTA vanity solution. You can mix and match, ordering everything you need the first time.

Sometimes, custom can even save you money if you're able to take on some of the work yourself.

6. Think About Your Current Plumbing

If you're looking to add thousands to your renovation bill, don't worry about your plumbing. Just re-route it during the renovation.

If you're trying to get the lowest price for the least amount of money, then you're going to want to ask a plumber to survey your existing system.

You might be able to relocate the plumbing that you currently have with some extensions, and you can move the vanity to hide any messy connections or alterations that you may have to make.

If your space is small, you'll most likely by using a wall-mounted vanity. Wall-mounted vanities have less flexibility regarding placement, but chances are, the space-saving benefits will more than outweigh the cons.

7. Choose Storage or Ease of Cleaning

Typically vanities are either freestanding, floating, or mounted in a corner.

Freestanding vanities offer large amounts of space due to the spacious cabinets that they can have. Corner-mounted vanities compromise on storage slightly but are much easier to clean because they're smaller.

Finally, floating vanities usually are without much, if any, storage. However, this means that they are the easiest vanity to clean by far because they're usually comprised of a sink, a top, and one or two drawers.

Extra storage is good, but it's crucial to think about whether you will be able to clean larger, more complex vanity drawers easily. If you aren't able to, consider more petite like powder room vanities for small spaces or a floating sink with wall mounted cabinets.

8. Choose Your Faucet Last

Vanities don't usually come with a faucet included, so it's essential to shop around for the right one. However, it would help if you did this last. It's more important to find the suitable materials, sink, and dimensions first so that you know your vanity will function correctly.

Choose the best faucet you can find for some extra flair.

Now, How Do You Get Your New Vanity?

We ship your vanity directly to you. The cabinets will be unassembled, but that makes them perfect for going into your space. Contrary to popular belief, it's often harder to install a completed vanity without damaging your walls and door frames in the process.

To get started shopping for your dream RTA bathroom vanities today, go here.