Well-positioned cabinets are 1 of 10 must-haves for kitchen renovations, according to experts who spoke to Real Simple magazine. Perhaps you know this already — or maybe you're just tired of the cupboards in your space. Either way, you're seeking high-quality cabinets to add to your kitchen. 

As you search for the perfect option, don't forget to check out a kitchen cabinet wholesaler like Nuform Cabinetry. Not only are we the best wholesaler for your cabinet construction products, but we also have a wealth of knowledge to share with you before you embark on your home renovation project. Here are seven things we want you to know before you buy your new kitchen cabinets from us.

1. You Don't Have to Break the Bank

A kitchen cabinet upgrade can cost anywhere from $2,000 to a whopping $26,000. Obviously, most of us don't want to spend anywhere close to the latter end of that spectrum. But even on a modest renovation, kitchen cabinets tend to cost at least a third of the budget, but it doesn't have to be this way.

By selecting to buy ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets from Nuform, you will save money on your kitchen upgrade. Yes, you will have to put the cabinets together yourself, but it's an intuitive process that will cost much less than purchasing pre-assembled cabinets from another outpost.

And, don't worry if you don't have the desire to build cabinets for yourself. All of our wholesale cabinets can be purchased RTA or pre-assembled.

2. The Assembly Process is Easy

On that note, we want to reiterate that, while you will have to get your hands dirty and build your RTA cabinets yourself, it's not a complex process. In fact, you can probably build them with what you already have in your tool kit. There's no need to invest in expensive saws or heavy-duty drills — we'll show you how to build your cabinets with just a simple set of tools.

3. There's Plenty of Variety

You might think that buying cheap cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets means you'll have a small selection for your kitchen renovation. To that, we say: think again.

We have 37 different styles of cabinets in a range of colors — and prices. We have a framed collection for a more traditional finish, and we have unframed cabinets that will give your kitchen a clean, modern look. As such, there's something for everyone, every style and every budget.

4. You'll Get Your Cabinets Quicker

If you're on a strict timeline for your kitchen renovation, then RTA cabinets can help you meet your deadline with ease. Custom cabinets will take months to be measured, cut, and fit into place. Meanwhile, we have a 14-to-21-day lead time for all of our cabinets, which means you can get your renovation started — and finished — quickly.

5. Finish It Off With a Striking New Handle

We've talked a lot about wholesale kitchen cabinets, but we haven't discussed the little bit of hardware that makes your new cabinets look even more polished: the knobs and pulls you'll install to complete them.

We have a wide variety of hardware for sale, so it's easy to find an option that complements your cabinets. By choosing to finish off your cabinets with this feature, you will elevate the look of your kitchen renovation even further. Bonus points if you swap out our kitchen faucet for one that matches the finish of your new drawer pulls and cabinet knobs!

6. Cheap Doesn't Mean Low-Quality

There's often a big misconception when it comes to renovation that the more you spend, the higher the quality of your project. We're here to tell you that this is wrong. In fact, you can get some of the best-quality cabinets at bargain prices if you choose to buy them from a wholesaler like us.

Keep in mind that a wholesaler like us will use the same suppliers as fancy showrooms or hardware stores. The difference is that we sell our products at wholesale prices, while these places mark them up to make a profit. But if you compare the quality of the materials and finishes, you won't find a difference in what you get.

7. You Don't Have to Figure it All Out Yourself

When you hear "kitchen cabinet wholesaler," you probably think of a giant warehouse where you go in, buy cabinet parts, and hope that what you have purchased will fit in your kitchen. That's not the case at Nuform Cabinetry.

Instead, we're here to help you plan your cabinet renovation and purchase materials, too. We provide a free three-dimensional design plan for you with just a few kitchen measurements that you can gather yourself on a weekend afternoon.

With that information, we can help you choose the right cabinet color and style for your space. We can also help you decide how many cabinets you'll need, whether you intend to keep your current kitchen layout or change things up a bit. Our design team is here to help — take advantage of this invaluable resource!

Choose Us as Your Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler

The above seven trade secrets are probably enough to convince you to go with a kitchen cabinet wholesaler for your next renovation. With a little bit of elbow grease and a strong vision for what you want out of your space, you can do just about anything. And we're here to supply you with the RTA cabinets you need to get started.

Click here to contact us today. Whether you want material samples, a 3D plan for your project or a quote on the cabinet that's caught your eye on our website, we're here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams — without breaking the bank.