To date, 69% of Americans buy a household item or two online. 25% shop items online at least once every month. Globally, online shopping is proliferating, hitting 4 trillion in 2020. Experts forecast the number of online shoppers in the country to grow to 300 million by 2023. Why so much growth rate? Online shopping gives you the convenience of ordering kitchen cabinets from the comfort of your home. There is a broad range of pantry cabinets available from multiple vendors. However, you should consider some things before you order kitchen cabinets online.Find out more in this guide.

1. Know Your Options Before You Order Kitchen Cabinets Online

Generally, you can choose kitchen cabinets online from up to three options. They include custom, semi-custom, and stock. Custom cabinets, as the name suggests, feature all your aesthetic preferences. This includes size, color, style, and construction boxes. It can be customize the finish and one unique feature. This can be glass doors, a coffee station, or s specific appliance garage. Some custom cabinets also feature crowned tops. If you want extreme customization, the manufacturer can build it from floor to ceiling. However, ordering a custom cabinet means setting a higher budget. The manufacturer will also need a longer time to customize all your aesthetic preferences. On the flip side, it will last longer and give your kitchen a luxurious touch. Another option is the semi-custom design. These kitchen cabinets can feature a few custom features, such as finishing. Other features that you can customize drawer dimensions. These designs also attract a slightly higher selling price. Lastly, you can go for stock cabinets, especially if you want a relatively affordable design. Manufacturers usually produce these cabinets in mass and sell them as ready-made products. This makes them one of the least expensive designs in the market. Since they are ready-made, their delivery usually takes a week or less, deepening on your location. They also come pre-assembled, and you only need to install them in the cabinet space. However, note that stock kitchen cabinets may limit your color and finishing option. Also, bigger designs may require assembly once delivered.

2. Watch Out for Product Descriptions to Assess Quality

Online vendors and manufacturers usually add product descriptions next to kitchen cabinets. Ensure you go through these descriptions before placing your order. Pay closer attention to every feature description to ensure it matches your quality standards. For example, you should check the description for doors, shelves, and doors. A high-quality drawer should feature solid wood construction. It should also have dovetail joints to enhance firmness. Moreover, the drawer should feature a ball-bearing extension for smooth sliding. When it comes to shelves, ensure they feature sturdy plywood construction. This will prevent sagging, especially when you store heavier items. Box and doors should come with solid wood panels. This ensures the whole kitchen cabinet exhausts its longevity. However, for frameless cabinets, ensure that the doors open easily. Most importantly, the hinges should be adjustable. If the product description highlights all these features, then you’re getting a high-quality kitchen cabinet.

3. Which Kitchen Cabinet Style Do You Need?

Homeowners have two style options when placing RTA kitchen cabinets online. This includes framed and frameless cabinets. Prevalent frameless kitchen cabinets are European styles, which feature contemporary designs. They are ideal for both luxury homes and modern kitchens. Frameless kitchen cabinets feature drawers that attach directly to the doors. Most of them have plywood construction material. However, you can go for particleboard construction material if you want something studier. The main benefit of a frameless kitchen cabinet is that you can access the storage area easily. Also, their storage space is relatively bigger as opposed to framed cabinets. On the other hand, fFramed cabinets can be a good choice. These designs come with a face frame that attaches to the box. The face frame enhances doors and drawers enforcement. That’s why reinforced framed cabinets are ideal in kitchens with tight spaces.

4. Shortlist Reputable Stores

It will help if you prepare a shortlist of potential vendors before you order kitchen cabinets online. Remember, you want the best experience right from selection to checking out. Also, you want a seamless delivery process that ensures the product reaches you in good condition. You can start your research on vendors by checking online directories. Reliable directories will give you detailed information on every vendor. You’ll know if the seller gives discounts and whether there is a return policy. You’ll also learn about the delivery window. On top of that, online directories publish general guides. You can leverage such guides to understand the whole buying process if needed. Alternatively, you can assess kitchen cabinet vendors by checking online reviews. Reviews are accessible on vendor websites and other consumer forums. In that case, shortlist kitchen cabinets sellers with positive reviews only.

5. What’s Your Budget?

Kitchen cabinets come at varying prices. It will help if you set aside a realistic budget before starting your search expedition. The right budget depends on your needs and the cabinet design. For instance, high-quality designs will cost more than standard options. If you’re doing a simple remodeling project, a standard kitchen cabinet will suffice. However, it will help if you go for quality if you’re planning to resell your home. Any upgrade to your kitchen furniture will yield a positive ROI in terms of better market rates. The same applies if you’re planning to rent the property. On the other hand, go for custom designs, which come at a higher price if you’re building your dream kitchen. The more intricate your kitchen cabinet needs are, the more you’ll likely pay.

Buy Your Kitchen Cabinet from a Reputable Vendor

The quality of online kitchen cabinets ultimately depends on the type of vendor you’re dealing with. Not all descriptions you see beneath a product define its true features. That said, start your shopping at official manufacturer websites before moving to home improvement centers. Also, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance when determining the right size. Alternatively, contact us to order kitchen cabinets online and enjoy free shipping on all orders above $2499.